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Travel and 20 different reasons that inspires it

Travel is a lifestyle. So many people enjoy traveling but at the end of the day what makes traveling powerful are the different things and reasons it fulfills in the life of everyone. This is to say that people travel for different reasons and here the most outstanding reasons why people travel.

To find yourself
Finding yourself is very important in life. It takes you through a process of discovering and rediscovering yourself. It puts your life together and fixes those puzzles which needed to be fixed.

To get inspired
People get inspired by different things, for some its the big city, the architectural view, nature,  people, while for some it's culture. A writer feeds on natures view to get inspired, a storyteller travels to different places to meet people, get to know them, sometimes to draw a conclusion on a storyline or to write a new story, whatever inspires you is valued and travel can play a great role in directing you towards getting inspired.

Medical reasons
In as much as every country is supposed to make provision for adequate and standard healthcare system for the assessment of its citizens but it is so unfortunate that some countries have failed in that aspect. Certain medical facilities can be found in countries like India and the USA and so people travel to get the best health services. 

To run away from crime
Well, this might seem a little out of context but this is another reason why people travel. When a crime is committed the police goes after the offender depending on the case. Some offenders travel to allow things to die down a bit before coming back into the country, some never come back.

To study
Very common, people travel to another city or country to acquire knowledge. 

To find love
Some people are disappointed about the way love has treated them in the past and so they go on an adventure to find love in an unknown destination where no one knows them.

For work purpose
In as much as you prefer to work in your country, some don't and it's not because of the bad pay but because they want to experience what it feels like working for a different set of people or how to work for a different set of people. 

To experience a new culture 
When you travel outside your country or state you experience a new culture. We are all different in a unique way so is our culture. Travel allows you to experience the dance, music, fashion, food, and lifestyle of other people. 

Meet people new people
Are you bad at making friends? well, travel gives you a room to improve on that. You get to meet new people, some walk up to you, while some just happen to need directions explained. We meet people in different ways and travel is a doorway to that. You make new friends and even get a good travel partner in the process to explore the world with you.

To have an alone time
Honestly, whether you are married, single, leaving with your parents or whatever the case may be, everyone deserves to experience"A ME TIME". Trave. can help you miss your partner, refresh your mind and fuel your spirit in the right direction.

Tourist Jobs
While you are paying to travel, some people get paid to travel. It is their jobs and so whenever they are called upon they pack their bags and travel.

Not everyone resides in the same country or city with their family, so going to see your family after a long or short period of time is a great reason to travel.

To experience a particular means of transportation
There are different means of transportation which includes air using a flight, sea using a ship, submarine or boat, land to experience road travel using a car, bus group travel, train or animal.

Adventure and recreational activities
This is one of the most common reasons why people travel. People want to go on the craziest rides, mountain climbing, jump from a high point, etc, this just gives them a sense of fulfillment and joy.

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Availability of funds
Not every traveler has the full income to support his/her travel. Some have to save and plan ahead while some just get up one morning and decide to travel and off they go. Some people travel and never leave the hotel room all through their trip. They are not hiding from anyone, everything is totally fine, they just want to spend the money and like they say, if you have it, spend it.

Business Purposes 
It is very common among businessmen and women. They travel a lot to attend meetings, access new projects and to find new business ideas. It is called the money move. 

Hey ladies, let's get into formation. We all know how much ladies like shopping, men love also do. In the fashion world today, we can not access some items very easily around us due to the fact that most designers want to keep the quality of their designs authentic so the limit the countries that have access to it. If you want to get it, you need to go through a third party, shipping company, individual or you traveling a have a blast shopping experience. 

To search for greener pastures
Not everyone has access to life opportunities. People from underdeveloped countries, war victims, or by choice people migrate in search of a better life. 

It's part of the plan
Some families dedicate summer to just traveling around the world and this just goes on and on every summer. It brings the family together but at the same time, it is part of the plan.

To have fun
Well, some travelers are just seeking for new ways to have fun, but generally travel is fun whether you are seeking for fun or not travel has the fun package attached it.

Are you traveling this summer? if yes, what is your reason for traveling?



  1. This is such a great post, and these are all wonderful reasons to travel! Thanks for sharing!


  2. All wonderful reasons to travel and see the world! I'm definitely planning to travel this summer. It's so much fun to do!

  3. I hear that traveling, especially solo, does help you find yourself and learn so much about yourself!


  4. Those are wonderful reasons to travel. I have no plans to travel this summer, but I do hope to get to know my city better.
    Loren | plaidandsugar.blogspot.com


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