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Top Searches For Summer: Seasonal SEO & Trends

A look into what Brits are searching for this summer 2018.
The weather is heating up outside, which means we're thinking about this summer's hot trends. So, we've dived into Google search data to understand what's on the minds of UK residents this summer.
Did you know that many Google users type complete questions into the search bar? Here's some insight into what information Brits are after this summer. First, many people are thinking about going on holiday! So, it's not surprising that they turn to Google to start researching their holiday plans. Brits are also thinking about summer activities such as swimming. One endearing insight is that new parents look to Google to understand when their baby is old enough to go in the water.
Top questions:
Where to go on holiday
What to take on holiday
When can I take my baby swimming
what sunglasses suit my face
what sunglasses are in style 2018
How many calories does swimming burn
What summer trends are instyle
What to do in summer 
What to buy this summer
There are a lot of summer trends to buy but the Jessicaburrman Syvia Mermaid Lock Flower Embroidery Cross Body Bag in size Large is a must have.
Of course the Mustard Slinky Plunge wide leg jumpsuit - Fergie by www.rebelliousfashion.co.uk is a summer staple you would love to add to your summer travel wardrobe.
The Soir N°06 link is a Scandinavian design is a black crafted of black-pleated stainless steel by www.nicolevienna.com/en/.
Top Summer Destinations
 Interested in not only what people are searching for this summer but also how they are searching for it. When it comes to making flight purchases, Internet users who have recently bought a flight online reported that they made their purchase in the following ways:
58% are made directly on the airline website
20% are made through a travel agent or tour operator site
18% are made on a price comparison site
2% Other
1% through a tourist board website

So where are Brits headed this summer? Here are the top searches for countries and cities abroad as well as road trip destinations within the UK.
Top destination countries 
Travel search word: 10 most visited countries in the world 
Most visited destinations by international tourist arrivals
United states
United kingdowm
Top destination cities outside the Uk
Asheville, North Carolina
New Orleans.
Sanya, China
Buenos Aires

Top destination cities in the Uk

Beach Fashion Trends
Fashion trends are constantly changing, and bikini trends are no different. This year, we saw a new query pop up in the swimsuit category - micro bikinis! For those of us not brave enough to adopt this new trend, other hot swimsuit styles are the tankini, high neck bikini top, and colour block bikinis.

Swim wear top search 
Micro bikini
High neck bikini top
Plus size bikini
Similar to bikinis, sunglass trends change year over year as well. The query growing the fastest in this category was polarised sunglasses. Other popular styles are aviators and cat eye sunglasses.
Most searched sunglasses style
Cheap sunglasses
Polarized sunglasses
prescription sunglasses
The Beatrice White By LeoinTown is a perfect choice.
The always perfect cat eye look .BEATRIX sunglasses are the perfect combination of elegance and sexy. Available in grey , matte and white.
Brits are looking for sunless tans so they can look bronzed whether or not the sun is shining! Queries for fake tans or "fake bakes" have been increasing year over year as people continue to look for alternatives to tanning in the sun. Here are the top queries in the tanning & sun care category.

Tanning and sun care search words
Fake bake
Fake tan
Best fake tan
Spray tan
Do'nt get burn cover your face using the Szaleo.pl cellulose fiber summer hat.

Tourist Attractions
Are you looking for family-friendly destinations this summer? Below are the top destinations searched for by UK residents.
Top searches for tourist attraction and destinations.
Thorpe pack
British meseum
Chester zoo
Reference : Thinkwithgoogle.


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