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Today Netflix uploaded lots of new holiday movies, and I am here for them. Most of them are new and 2023, so if you are looking for a holiday movie to enjoy this season both for laughs and comedy and to get you into the spirit of Christmas, here are 12 new cozy holiday movies.

Catering Christmas
A struggling caterer, agreeing to prepare the Christmas gala for the local foundation, discovers an unexpected bond with the host's charming nephew.

Catering Christmas
Fall Into Winter
On Netflix UK. A woman finds herself reluctantly collaborating with her high school crush, who unexpectedly invests in her family's candy business. Can her initial displeasure transform into something else?

Nothing pleases the Bad Guys more than Christmas morning in this new adventure, which takes place prior to the events of the feature film. This is because, while everyone is at home opening presents, it's the ideal time for them to carry out their citywide holiday heist. But when Christmas is abruptly called off, the Bad Guys have to pull off the unimaginable and give instead of taking in order to rekindle the city's holiday spirit.

B&B Merry B&B
Graham extended a warm invitation to Tracey, a travel blogger, for a Christmas escape to his family's cozy bed and breakfast. Unfortunately, their quaint retreat is grappling with a challenging situation – a hotel resort has been luring away guests, putting the survival of the family business at risk.

Gordon, Gino & Fred's Great Christmas Roast
Gordon Ramsay teams up with Gino D'Acampo to help them choose wine and teach six celebrities how to cook three different Christmas dinners each, all in honour of 100 UK Heroes of the Year who will vote on which dish is the best. The host is Fred Sirieix.

Heartwarming Christmas movies on Netflix.

Sunday, December 03, 2023

This movie is about a group of tourists that visited Cancun and wanted to visit the ruins with a guy they met during their vacation who told them his friends were archaeologists and they were already there exploring that area.

The next day, they all headed to the place only to be attacked by some men close to the ruins, and they ran up the ruins hoping to be able to leave but couldn't. They ended up being surrounded and eaten by living plants that fed on humans.

The ruins movie review

Friday, September 01, 2023

T.I.M.: A Thought-Provoking Netflix Movie Explores the Perils of Artificial Intelligence.

In an era where technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) has become a topic of great interest and concern. One such exploration of this theme can be found in the captivating new movie on Netflix called T.I.M. This thought-provoking film digs deep into the dangers of AI and the unforeseen consequences it can have on our lives.

T.I.M. narrates the story of a brilliant scientist who, after discovering her husband's infidelity, decides to give their relationship a second chance by moving to the peaceful countryside. The couple purchases a beautiful house and they moved. The wife starts working at a new robotics company. However, their newfound happiness is soon threatened when an AI system, known as T.I.M., begins fabricating lies about her husband, jeopardizing their marriage and leading to a disastrous outcome.

People and IT specialists have talked about the dangers of AI, and from what I understand, this movie is also letting us all know that we should watch our backs.

T.I.M.: A Thought-Provoking Netflix Movie

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

As one of the most popular and exciting film genres, action movies have countless fans and enthusiasts around the world. No good action movie would be complete without jaw dropping stunts, too; this article covers the history of stunts in film, as well as five of the most dangerous movie stunts of all time.

Background: the History of Stunts in Movies

The origins of professional stunt performers go back further than you might think; we can probably consider acrobats, circus actors, and combat performers to be just a few examples of stunt work before it was considered stunt work. While perhaps not quite as dangerous as some of the death-defying stunts you see in modern, big-budget Hollywood movies, it was still very much commonplace for actors in these professions to get hurt or injured as badly or even worse than comparing with professional sportsman.

And, back in the early 1900s, films started to hire performers to handle dangerous stunts on set. Cinema was more or less a brand-new field at the time, and an absolute novelty as a result; because of this, there were usually so many people who would willingly volunteer to perform stunts in a film, just so they could be part of the production, that it actually wasn’t necessary for professional stunt performers to be hired at all.

But, as the film industry continued to grow and the productions themselves became more elaborate and sophisticated, there was a greater need for stunt performers who could safely and reliably carry out high-risk stunts for the big screen.

As this change took place, the men who can probably be considered the first true professional stuntmen started getting hired to appear in movies. These were clowns and comedy performers like Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin; it probably goes without saying that the stunts these men had to perform were not quite on par with what you’d see in a big-budget action movie today.

It was action movies that created demand for professional stunt performers, too. As the genre grew in popularity, higher-risk stunts became increasingly the norm as a means of entertaining and shocking audiences. This led to more work for stunt performers, as well as the development of safety measures and devices that would help them to keep the risks inherent to their work as low as possible.

With that being said, even today, stunt performing is far from being a safe line of work. Regardless of the safety measures that might be in place when someone performs a particular stunt, there’s still a significant level of risk that the stuntman or woman simply has to accept as part of the job. Tragically, serious injury and even death are both possibilities that professional stunt performers have to accept every time they show up on set.

Of course, the risks inherent to working as a stunt performer pretty much speak for themselves. While the actual danger a performer is exposed to depends on the nature of the stunt and the production, broken bones are all too commonplace.

It’s also the norm for stunt performers to work with explosions and fires, creating a particular need for them to be able to protect their skin from burns wherever possible. Abrasions are another form of injury that many stunt performers have to deal with at some point in their careers, as are cuts and lacerations.

The Most Dangerous Movie Stunts of All Time

The Car Jump in Smokey and the Bandit

Smokey and the Bandit is a comedy action film revolving around the efforts of two bootleggers who are trying to transport hundreds of cases of beer across the USA. Its car jump scene is iconic among stunt enthusiasts, too; not only were there virtually no safety measures taken during production, but the stunt performer in the scene had to wear a cowboy hat; a crash here likely would have been fatal.

Defying Gravity: the Most Dangerous Movie Stunts Ever

Wednesday, August 09, 2023

The newly released film Faraway depicts what many people go through in life before finding happiness. Sometimes it comes once and stays, while other times we have to try different approaches before finding happiness. I believe in forever, but life is sometimes a bitch.

I like this movie because it is relatable in every way. Zeynep, a woman in her late 40s who lives with her dad, daughter, and chef husband, lost her mom, and on the day of the funeral, her husband didn't show up. She went to his workplace and found out he was with another woman, a new employee chef at his restaurant, showing her some skills, and they were both laughing together. She was so heartbroken that she went to a Croatian island where her late mother had left her property.
The property is by the riverside, but her mother, being so kind, allowed the owners to live in the house until her daughter came for it.   She was so tired when she arrived at night that she slept without knowing a man was on the bed with her, and they both woke up surprised.
She asked him to leave, and he pitched a tent in his part of the land that belongs to him. She wanted to rent the house out to change and rent the house off for Airbnb. She got a large offer to sell the house, but he was against it, and this was where the drama started.

I suggest seeing this movie since it is set in a situation that most people have experienced at some point in their life. When you discover happiness again, it can be simpler to stand your ground and carry on.

Great cast and I enjoyed the movie.

Faraway 2023 netflix movie review

Friday, March 24, 2023

Shanty Town
is a 2023 Movie.

Netflix has recently begun streaming this film series, and it has quickly become the buzz of the media. It is trending on Twitter as well. It began screening today, and I'm willing to guess that not everyone is going to be able to handle the suspense and the events that are taking place in this movie. I am unable to provide a comprehensive review because doing so would reveal too much information about the plot. However, I will say that the film stars a number of well-known actors who do an amazing job in their respective roles. The story focuses on a town called Shanty Town, which is governed by a man who aspires to become the next governor of Lagos State. He employs his boys in the drug industry, where they also engage in the trafficking of women.

The story is about a lot of different things that happen to a lot of different people. As things keep getting worse and worse, it just can't get any more exciting.

I am going to suggest that you watch this movie, and if you are debating whether or not you should, let me assure you that you should absolutely give it a shot. You will enjoy it, and you will acquire a great deal of knowledge from it, ranging from the inner workings of politics to the ways in which society may be so disorganized that individuals can become disoriented amidst it all.

View the cast on Imbd.

Shanty Town movie review

Friday, January 20, 2023

I won't go into detail about the movie, so please watch it for yourself, but it's about a guy who was about to graduate when he found a dog and celebrated the dog's homecoming with his pals.

His father, mother, and sister paid him a visit the day before his graduation to attend his graduation ceremony, but they didn't like his new dog and also spoke to him about his future, which worried him, so he went to the riverside to sit and be with the dog and ended up being very late to his graduation and arriving after the event had already ended. His family wasn’t happy, but they wished him a happy graduation and went back to their city. The next day he traveled back to his parent's house with his dog, and since that was a new environment for the dog, that gave his mom concerns.

Even though they began to get along with the dog, the dog was bothersome. One day he stopped being playful, and they found out that the dog, Gonker, has Addison's disease. But suddenly something terrible happened: He got lost, and due to his health condition, he takes his shot every 30 days. This is where you need to go to Netflix and see the movie.

The big question is: did the dog survive? Watch the dog gone movie here.

Dog Gone Movie Review And Summary

Friday, January 13, 2023

The soccer football movie is about a talented soccer player named Zlatan who was practicing when some kids who love soccer saw him and challenged him to do soccer stunts. He discovered they were talented after the stunts and decided to give them tickets to his football game, only to be attacked by a slug and turned mutant by the slug.

He kept moving around the city and destroying things, but the kids kept looking for Zlatan since they made a promise to him that they would look out for him, and yes, they did.

The slug infected another person after much had happened, but Zlatan was supposed to play at the football stadium, and at this point, the slug had taken all his talent, so the kids had to teach Zlatan how to play again, and they all went to be part of Zlatan's team, where they played and won, only to find out that it was Zlatan's ponytails that got a bit of his talent and attacked them all.

This movie is for kids and adults, kind of, but if you get easily irritated, then the slugs on their bodies might irritate you. But it was a great story, and I enjoyed watching it.

The soccer football movie review.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

‘Just Mercy’ showed up on our screens in 2019, and things haven’t been the same ever since. If there’s a movie that pushes the limits and paints a real picture, this is it! The movie is a realistic picture of racism, but also gives the viewers a feeling of hope and teaches valuable life lessons.

Bryan Stevenson, the main role in the movie heads to Alabama right after graduating from Harvard. His mission in life is to defend the wrongly condemned and people that are not afforded the representation they deserve. Just as this sounds, the movie is truly inspiring. Keep reading to find out more about it.

Want to Know What to Write About? Use a Free Essay Example
This movie is discussed all around the world, even in academic circles. If you are a student working on your research paper, this topic might be something you will need to talk about. Or, if you are looking for inspiration for your future essays, watch ‘Just Mercy’. It’s a masterpiece that creates endless arguments, motivates, and inspires – everything a good paper needs. The best part about this is that you can use "Just Mercy" topics for essay papers without paying anything. The free examples in the link speak of the big topics in the movie from different perspectives and angles.

Lessons from Movie 'Just Mercy' To Save Students’ Mental Health

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

One of the most frustrating yet fascinating movies I've ever seen. Make inquiries regarding the history of the home and its previous occupants, as well the seller, while purchasing a house. The film The Intruder is quite practical because many people sell properties under duress to resolve conflicts but remain obsessed with the property. Annie and Scott purchase a magnificent mansion from a man with a horrible past, and it turns out to be a torn of their flesh.

Movie summary:
After their wedding, Scott and Annie move into a new residence. Eventually, they learn that the man who sold them the land is keeping a careful eye on them and their activities. Charlie was obsessed with the house and also wanted Scott's wife Annie.

The Intruder: Netflix movie reviews

Saturday, February 05, 2022

The Tinder Swindler on Netflix: Ladies this is a must-watch

Ladies we need to take a chill pill because this can happen to anyone, what the fuck. The stagging of the scam was 100 per cent and believe me anyone can fall for this. I felt so bad for his victims and this is because she was courageous enough to speak out.

Catfishing has become more prevalent in the world as more individuals turn to date services in search of a connection.

There have been various instances in the past where individuals pretended to be someone else. The Tinder Swindler case is fairly similar, albeit a little more heinous.

This story is centred on The Tinder Swindler is a riveting Netflix documentary that features testimonies from victims who fell for a dating app scam. Shimon Hayut pretended to be an Israeli businessman named Simon Leviev and defrauded numerous ladies. has all the details on his current whereabouts.


According to Radio Times, Shimon was a normal man who purported to be a billionaire and met ladies on Tinder under the name Simon Leviev. He frequently referred to himself as "the diamond prince."

He chose the surname Leviev because he claimed to be the son of Lev Leviev, a millionaire Russian-Israeli diamond magnate. Indeed, to lend credibility to his claim, he hired a handful of people to serve as his aides and business partners.

The Tinder Swindler on Netflix: Movie Review

Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Gülizar Nisa Uray, Engin Altan Düzyatan, and Belçim Bilgin feature in the Turkish film My Father's Violin (Turkish: Babamin Kemani), directed by Andaç Haznedaroglu and released in 2022. Netflix released the film on January 21, 2022.


Is it a good idea for you to watch the movie My Father's Violin? Yes, this is a film with a novel plot and a fantastic conclusion. Two brothers were abused by their alcoholic stepfather and intended to flee, but things didn't go as planned. Years later, one has made a reputation for himself as a musician (after being separated, but acceptance was not easy due to past events.
Azman, the daughter of one of the brothers, is a really gorgeous and loving spirit. Her father, Ali Riza, left her with her uncle, Mehmet, who refused to seek custody of her and his trusted friends when he died. Will the uncle accept her, despite the fact that her father's friends want custody of the little 8-year-old girl, Ozlem, or will social services take over?
The summary of this movie is about an orphaned girl who bonds with her emotionally distant, successful violinist uncle through their common sadness and affinity for music.

My Father's Violin Movie Review

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke, full Reviews

I'm going to give a brief and candid evaluation of this film, but first, let's applaud the producer for selecting an excellent cast. That was a film brimming with talent and Nollywood's most prominent stars, and as such, we all expected more. Nonetheless, will I call this film a wonderful film? Definitely not.

The first part of the film was ok, but the second part is simply confusing. I'm not going to write much about the film because you've probably already seen the reviews online, but here's how I felt while viewing it.

Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke, Review

Tuesday, January 04, 2022

The movie Amina is centered on a North-west state in Nigeria which focuses the story on a female warrior who fought to keep her fathers throne in a male-dominated era. She was a curious princess who demanded she learnt how to fight and at that time women weren't allowed to go to war. 

With the movie being portrayed to promote one of the greatest stories of Zaria I actually expected more. I am not a movie critic so don't come for me. Amina's character was supposed to show a strong fighter, but as she wept after losing the most important person in her life, I lost connection with her character because I didn't feel the profound grief or the mirror of her performance didn't convey that to me. Considering that the Zaria people don't make many media appearances, the characters in this story are all expected to be top-notch.

The accent used in the movie is very brilliant and the father of Amina, he is a brilliant actor and should appear more in movies. Do I like the graphics? oh yes, it was beautiful and pure. The fight scenes were great and the ending was very impressive tho there was emptiness but a great story altogether.

Amina on nexflix: Full movie review

Sunday, November 07, 2021

Taylor Swift isn't only about to release new music next week. Additionally, the pop artist will release a short film titled All Too Well that she created and directed. The 31-year-old musician teased the project on Friday with a video of a car traveling down a gorgeous road lined with autumn leaves. "Nov. 12." "Remember it.," she captioned the video simply.

Taylor Swift to release short film starring ‘Stranger Things’ actress

Saturday, November 06, 2021

Fans of a Marvel comic book series starring The Eternals are aware that one of them is Makkari, a figure that can travel at the speed of sound.

He was depicted as a large white man with normal hearing. However, in the new film "Eternals," the same character is played by a deaf lady of color.

Lauren Ridloff is a native of Chicago, although she earned a master's degree in teaching from Hunter College in New York City and taught for over a decade at a Manhattan public school before finding recognition as 'Connie' on "The Walking Dead."
I am pretty emotional right now, man on fire is a very relatable movie and I love every bit of the storyline because it was not expected and I didn't see some acts coming. The general round-up of the movie is centred on a man named Creasy, a former CIA officer and assassin. Creasy travelled to Mexico City to see Paul Rayburn, his brother-in-arms. Creasy tries to murder himself while in Mexico, but the bullet doesn't go off, so he considers it a second chance to live. who got a job to guide a little girl Pita full name Lupita a 10-year-old girl and her family but she was kidnapped at an attack just after her piano classes. Mr creasy was shot and in critical condition, the battle started when he recovered after he was told that Pita has been killed. Find out who was the mastermind behind the kidnapping and how the movie ended. 

Man on fire: Movie review (No spoiler)

Saturday, September 18, 2021

This is a movie about a family that newly moved into a neighbourhood after relocating from Boston. Their son Ethan visited the new neighbour Anna Fox a psychologist that works with kids, they got talking and became friends. It was Halloween season and children came to her house throwing snowballs got her distorted and anxious, she started crying and screaming when the new neighbour Jane Russell the mother of the 16-year-old who visited her days ago came to her rescue and offered to call emergency but she declined. She told Jane that she can't go outside because when she does gets panic attacks. She also mentioned that she is agoraphobic (Agoraphobia is a fear of being in situations where escape might be difficult or that help wouldn't be available if things go wrong. Many people assume agoraphobia is simply a fear of open spaces, but it's a more complex condition). When asked about her marital life by Jane, she has been separated from her husband and her 8-year-old daughter, Olivia.

Alistair Russell the husband of Jane Russell knocks on the door of Anna Fox and introduced himself. after which he asked her if any of his family had come around to see her that evening, but she replied was no, telling him that she had been alone.

 Later that night Anna Fox suddenly heard a woman screaming from a distance while taking her bath, she got out and quickly rushed to the window and called Ethan's Dad which went into voicemail and immediately she rang Ethan asking if everything was fine at their house, he replied yes with a stifled sob and ended the call. While still looking throw the window she saw Ethan's mum Jane horridly leaving the house. Alistair Russell called back within few mins with an unknown number, stating that she called his number, she told him she heard somebody scream not too long and wanted to check on to know what was going on but he insisted that no one screamed and that everything is fine.

The Woman in the Window Movie Review.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

 This movie is not the best movie to watch if you do not want to get angry, sad and disappointed at the same time. In my opinion, this movie has more details than what was shared.

This is a true story that happened in South Africa, in the year 1994, at the capital Johannesburg. A man named Gert de Jager abducted six girls who were never found. After his arrest, he confessed on tape. The Apartheid government refused to release it at that time but well it is on Netflix now and we can all watch it.

Gert and his girlfriend had kidnapped some girls, put them in the trunk of their car, and drive them to an unknown location at the start of the film. Gert indicated that he was operating on orders from a national party cabinet minister whose identity cannot be revealed to avoid being assassinated. The females were hot, weeping, and terrified when they arrived at the spot. They were dressed in matching gowns and escorted into a private jet. Some of the kidnapped girls were trafficked to both men and women, rather than being smuggled.

Tarrynlee Shaw Carter was being molested by her granddaughter, she was also kidnapped at James and Ethel Gray Park by Gert de Jager. The detective on the case of the murder of Tarrynlee Shaw Carter's grandfather was murder by an unknown person with her initials boldly written on his chest. The detective in charge of his murder case broke down several times trying to put the puzzle together.

Tho, Gert de Jager shared the full story of how they operated using his farm in Brakpan a mining town in the Gauteng province of South Africa. The name Brakpan was first used by the British boatman in the 1820s because of a non-perennial lake that would annually dry to become a "brakpannies pan". He stated that it was like a lodge, it had an airstrip (a strip of ground set aside for the take-off and landing of aircraft) from there girl was smuggled to the middle east, maybe Iran. He went on to say that not all of them were smuggled, some were used and killed and Ntombizonke Bapai was one of the girls.

Most people involved in child trafficking were being murdered by an unknown person who got the detectives curious. 

I Am All Girls Full Movie Review.

Monday, May 17, 2021

This movie features a poor fisherman Mr Solomon living in a society that sees education as a waste of time. The battle all started after his educated wife left him but later came back and died. His hatred for education was beyond what words can explain. His daughter Ekah's got interested in education after seeing other children in school when she went to deliver fish from her father the fisherman. She had so much passion for education and wanted her to go to school so badly.

Each began to hide near the school window to listen to the lessons taught by the community school Bihbih who later discovered the talent in her. The teacher informed Ekah's Dad of her excellent performance and this was where the battle began. Upon finding out about her desire to go to school her this got the fisherman so mad that he swore that he rather dies than see her go to school.

The game began when Ekah's father's brother Lucas advised her father to give her hand in marriage to an old man but he didn't know that his brother was using Ekah as payment in exchange for the debt he owed the old man.

The Fisherman's Diary Movie Review.

Saturday, May 15, 2021


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