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Infinite Storm Movie Review

A woman stands on a snowy mountain path, looking out at the vast landscape ahead, representing the resilience and strength depicted in the movie "Infinite Storm."

Infinite Storm is a movie about a woman named Pam Bales. She woke up and packed her full hiking gear. Afterward, she went to see a friend whose dog she loved dearly. Knowing she was going hiking, her friend reminded her of the absence of phone network coverage in the mountains. In jest, she said, "You want to be my chaperone?"

Pam believed that mountains always listen without talking back, and she sought solace in their presence. As she drove towards the mountain, she listened to country music, finding comfort in its lyrics. When the song mentioned "Love will find you," she echoed the sentiment, affirming, "Love will find me, fam."

When she got to the entrance, she met a man and a woman. They had a brief conversation, and she asked them if there was anyone on the mountain. They said, "No, just us." The couple left, and then she began her journey from a flowing water path. It was early morning, and there was morning dew and fog.

She walked through a snowy path filled with trees and leaves. She spoke to herself as she walked.

She got to a point and removed her jacket, tied it around her waist, and kept going.

She took steps into a loose stone area and nearly fell but got her grip. She sat for some time. The time was 8:55 a.m. She kept going. As she continued her journey, it became tougher and tougher as she approached areas filled with more snow.

From time to time, she stood and took in the beautiful view. It was windy but she kept going.

She decided to take another break. She wore her shoe chains and poured some hot beverage, but as she looked to the other side, the mountain was so covered in fog that she could hardly see anything.

She wore her jacket again and sat down to feel the breeze. There was a sign that said "Stop: White Mountain National Forest."

Continuing on, oblivious to the sign ahead, she pressed forward. Thick snowflakes fell around her, obscuring her vision. Amidst the heavy snowfall, she caught the faint sound of a scream, though its origin remained uncertain. Whistles and other noises echoed through the snowy landscape, but undeterred, she continued her journey.

At 10:53 a.m., there was a scream. "Fuck." As she walked, she saw footsteps, and she said, "You've got to be kidding me. A woman was shouting "hello," and a whistle-blowing sound. She followed the footsteps and kept going.

She then fell into a hole. The snow opened, and she fell inside. She was in pain, and her face was already turning red. She tried to climb up, but it was proving so difficult. She tried her best and pulled herself up to the top of the hole, and she almost made it out when she fell back inside the hole. This time she went deeper and was covered in more snow, struggling to breathe as more snow poured into the hole.

At this point, she had scratched her fingers, had bruises, and was already weak. She wasn’t exactly a young woman. She lay inside the hole and watched the snow covering up when she saw two shadows and started remembering her daughters, and then started to try again. As she did, she said, "Come on, Pam." She encouraged herself and finally came out.

She crawled out and let out a loud scream. She tried to drink from her water bottle, but it was frozen. She picked up a fallen wooden stick and placed it over the hole so another person wouldn’t fall inside.

She started shouting, "Hello, hello," trying to look for the people whistling, but everywhere was covered in snow, the wind was blowing, and it was harsh weather.

She walked and then met a man sitting still. He was halfway gone and so cold and frozen, but he was still alive. She asked him for his name, but there was no response. She told him she would call him John. She took off his socks and put another pair on him. She took off his shorts and put her clothes on him. She told him she would get him out of there.

She started taking him down the mountain. Around 1:38 pm, they were still walking, but the guy didn’t have much strength to carry on. He fell at some point, but she helped him up. His steps were so shaky, and he fell again.

He wanted to give up. She spoke to him and said, "I am not leaving you," and around 1:09 pm, they were still walking.

She asked him if he had been drinking, on drugs, or on mushrooms, but he tried to run because he didn’t know what was going on.

By 2:57 pm, they were still walking, and John ran to the edge and said, "Jump," but before he did, she said, "No, don’t do it," she screamed, "I told you I can’t."

She looked over, and he was still alive, and she tried to help him.

By 3:30 pm, he started eating the snow, and she tried to stop him and told him not to eat the snow. She asked him if he had anyone waiting for him, and he said his cat. They started moving again, but this time his leg hurt due to the fall.
He kept saying he couldn’t, even while she tried covering his injury.

By 5:30 pm, they were still walking, and John stopped to rest and started rolling off, but she followed him and caught up with him. He told her he was done and couldn’t go on anymore. He became aggressive and said, "Fuck off and leave me alone," but she encouraged him and said, "I can’t."

They got close to the water, and while crossing over, he fell inside. By 6:10 pm, she was unable to find him, and that made her cry because they were already getting close to leaving the mountain area.

She thought she heard footsteps and started calling out to him but got no answer. She walked inside a shallow water path in search of him. She walked and then found him holding onto a stone. She told him, "I got you, John, I am right here."

She carried him, and they both fell, but she did her best. She removed some water he already drunk and dragged him out of the flowing river. He got a bit angry and said, "You are such an asshole. I told you it was slippery." She hit him, and he then said, "Don’t do that, or else I will hit you back," and she started laughing and said, you are back a little bit.

They walked all the way through and then saw a car and started calling out, but there was no answer. John got frustrated and screamed at the top of his voice. They were out of the mountain and were already tired, so they just stood in the middle of the road, disappointed.

Returning to her car with him in tow, she motioned for him to wait outside while she unlocked the vehicle. However, as she stepped inside and held the door open for him to join her, he bolted towards another car, swiftly igniting the engine and speeding away. Frantically, she cried out, "Hey, hey," in a futile attempt to halt his escape, but the vehicle continued to accelerate, leaving her standing alone, the time nearing 11:26 pm.

She drove back to her house feeling a mix of exhaustion and disappointment. Upon arrival, she relieved herself and then attempted to walk, but her fatigue overwhelmed her, leading her to sit in the corridor. Feeling the chill of the night, she removed her top and settled on the floor near the fridge, consuming food and drink in silence.

As fatigue overcame her, she eventually drifted into sleep, resting on the floor. Later, she found comfort in a warm shower, despite her aching body. Exhausted, she returned to bed but couldn't find rest, pacing to the living room instead.

In a moment of vulnerability, tears streamed down her face as she held onto memories of her children. Lost in emotion, she grappled with her experiences, seeking solace in the quiet of the night.

When she woke up, she turned on the radio and heard about the rescue she had carried out in the mountains. She drove back to the mountain to admire the view once again and hike. Upon returning home and making tea, she noticed a man approaching her house in a car. He expressed gratitude for her actions, mentioning that many people wanted to thank her. They drank coffee together in her house.

He said he had some questions for her. Even though the questions were a bit strange, she didn't really mind. He asked if she had talked to John, but she hadn't, so he gave her his address. She drove to the place and found John sitting there. He gave her back the jacket and pants she had given him on the mountain.

She told him she didn’t know his name, and he replied, "John is fine." But as they chatted, they both revealed shocking experiences about each other.

This true story about Pam Bales reminds us that life holds many complexities, and people may carry burdens unseen by others.

Her journey had tested her resilience and compassion, revealing her inner strength. Despite challenges, she found purpose and resilience, guiding her forward.

Release date: March 25, 2022 (USA)
Content rating: R
Genre: Drama · Thriller
Directed by Malgorzata Szumowska · Michal Englert
Written by Joshua Rollins · Pam Bales
Produced by Jenny Halper · Celine Rattray · Mike Sobiloff · Peter Sobiloff · Trudie Styler · Naomi Watts
Production company: Maven Screen 
Media · JamTart P


  1. It does sound like a thriller indeed. I do like this actress. Thanks so much for the great review!

  2. Dziękuję za świetną recenzję! Lubię takie filmy.


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