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Mea Culpa Movie Review

Mea Culpa Movie Review

This is a movie about a woman named Mea Culpa who is a lawyer and married to a husband whose brother is high in the police force and wanted to run for mayor. They lied that their mother was sick to gain sympathy from the audience.

Mea is unaware of what is going on but kept her cool even when her husband sold the expensive piano he bought to purchase a watch for his mother's birthday without telling her. Her husband's mother was disrespectful and a bully, but Mea kept her cool.

One day when she got to her office, she was told that a popular artist who was accused of murder was waiting for her and wanted her to take up the case. She wasn't sure about it, and when her husband's family found out, they all freaked out and came to her house to tell her not to take the case, but she refused. She took on the case, but it got complicated as she started working with a private investigator to find out the truth about the missing person who no one was able to see yet the high-profile artist was accused. Little did she know that her husband, his brother, and mother were all in the plan together. Her husband's brother accused the artist and set him up in order to solve the case and put him in prison so the people would vote for him and be on his side.

Mea Culpa is a movie that brings us back to the reality of the marriages we see these days. When I started watching this movie, I was very interested in the storyline, so I paid close attention. This is a movie about what happens in real life. A lot of people enter into relationships with genuine hearts and love, only to be broken and shattered due to family members and wicked spouses. The family you marry into is very important and can influence the peace of your home if your spouse isn't careful or allows themselves to be pushed around.

Kelly rowland is the star of the movie and I must say, she looks amazing. Great cast.

Initial release: 23 February 2024
Director: Tyler Perry


  1. ...I haven't seen a movie in ages!

  2. sounds like something my husband and I would also enjoy. Thanks, Melody!

  3. I keep seeing this movie advertised but had no idea what it was about. I'll definitely be watching it now.

  4. I added this to my wish list the other day but forgot to actually watch it. Thank you for the reminder! I love Kelly Rowland and will always watch something she is in! <3


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