Sunday, May 12

Mother of the Bride Netflix Movie Review

Lana's daughter Emma comes back from London with news of her upcoming wedding next month. The situation takes a twist when Lana discovers that the man who captured Emma's heart is the son of the individual who shattered hers many years ago.

This movie is about a bride and her mother who dated the father of her future husband in high school. They only discovered upon arrival at the hotel in Thailand that her daughter was marrying the son of her former boyfriend, who left her unexpectedly.

It was an awkward situation that brought back a lot of memories for the mom, who even expressed her fear to her daughter that her ex's son might do the same thing to her. However, the daughter reassured her that they are two different people.

The movie revolves around love, comedy, and fun. Its high-quality production keeps you glued to the screen, giving a sense of déjà vu, but this time, the mother of the bride is the one with an ex present at the wedding venue.

She's not allowed to write her own vows, wear the dress she likes, or do what she wants because her daughter, an influencer, is sponsored by designer brands and wants to promote them on her big day. The mother feels her daughter is losing sight of what's important and isn't happy about it, leading to a fight between them. This results in the mother confronting her ex why he left her without a word during their younger years.

Additionally, the mother attracts an admirer who seeks a date with her and witnesses her encounter with her ex after an evening boat ride. It's awkward, but watching the movie is both fun and cool.

Director: Mark Waters
Writer: Robin Bernheim
Stars: Brooke Shields, Miranda Cosgrove, Benjamin Bratt



  1. Sounds like one to watch, thank you for sharing Melody! xxx

  2. Klingt nach einer tollen Geschichte. LG Romy

  3. I meant to watch this over the weekend, but life got so busy. Thank you for the reminder. I'm going to watch now! :D

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