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Bhakshak full movie review: Must read

Bhakshak focuses on highlighting the injustices experienced by young girls who are raped, sexually abused, or murdered.

The movie Bhakshak is a story released on February 9, 2024, about a girl shelter that accepts girls not older than 18. The reporter got information about the girls being abused and retired to find information but finally found a cook who escaped from the shelter and told her how the girls were drugged and beaten. Baby Rani, who was in charge of the girls, was so strict with them and was aware of the killings and abuse going on.

The journalist Vaishali Singh, who owned a small TV channel, and her cameraman, Bhaskar Sinha, who is her assistant, tried their best to file a report to the police even when her brother-in-law, who is a lawyer, was beaten, but the police, working under strict order, refused to file a report.

The owner of the girl's shelter, Bansi Sahu, protected Sonu when the police came to arrest him and stopped the arrest. He stopped the police from going inside the shelter.

She made a video and talked about the issue, and a female police officer with a higher rank got interested and invited her to her office. They talked about how, after the visit, the police officer also invited her to her house and told her that the case needed evidence and that the man in question had a lot of governmental backing.

Summary of the Bhakshak movie

The girl's shelter is owned by Bansi Sahu; he abuses the girls and also brings men from outside to abuse the girls. The shelter warden, baby Rani, gives the girls sleeping pills and tells them they are medicine for deworming. When they are asleep, many people rape and torture those young girls. At night, baby Rani forces the girls to strip; she lies down naked next to them and abuses them. The staff that work there—Sonu, Bacca Babu, Mithilesh Sinha, the doctor, and several other men—force the girls to dance for them in several ways and show them porn. A few girls even got pregnant, and then they were killed.

A police officer who tried to force the government to look into the case got shot three times, and no one took up the case.

Watch the movie to find out the ending. To me, this movie is not just a movie; this movie is what is happening all over the world. This movie still sheds light on how the girl child is a prey in society, more like an orphan girl child. Please, if you have any information about this type of situation, never give up; justice can still be served. It might take time but don’t give up.

I will give this movie a 5/5.

CAST:Bhumi Pednekar, Sanjay Mishra, Sai Tamhankar, Aditya Srivastava
Director: Pulkit
GENRE: Drama
DURATION:2 hours 15 minutes


  1. Is this also on Netflix? Would love to watch this one too.

  2. It's horrible how widespread the abuse of children is! I'm sure this is a very difficult movie to watch but we need to educate ourselves about such things.

  3. Bardzo ciekawy film i porusza trudny temat. Pozdrawiam :-).

  4. Interesting review, probably a good movie. The sad truth about how children are exploited, especially girls. Best regards, Melody.

  5. Oh wow.. I hadn't heard of this movie before. Thank you for sharing. It's such an important topic.

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