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The Old Oak Movie Review

The Old Oak movie is about some Syrians who had to leave their country because of the war and ended up in a northern English mining town. At first, the people in the town didn't want them there. But there was a man who owned a big pub, and even though he'd lost his wife and his son was not speaking to him, he welcomed them and encouraged others to do the same. However, not everyone agreed with him. Some people wanted him to stop being nice to the Syrians. Tragedy strikes when his beloved dog, Marra, is killed by another canine. Moreover, the secondary room of his bar opened in response to the Syrian girl's encouragement, and he sustained severe damage after his close friends tampered with a pipe, causing the damage.

After watching a movie, I wanted to share about it. Sometimes, when people come from places where there's been war, it can be hard for them to fit in somewhere new. People might feel confused or scared about strangers coming into their community, especially if they don't know much about them. But one thing is for sure: being kind and understanding is important, no matter where someone is from or what they look like.

The Old Oak Movie Review

This movie sheds light on the struggles refugees face as they flee from war-torn regions in search of safety and peace. Locals must understand that many individuals don't willingly leave their homelands to reside in camps or unfamiliar territories. They simply make do with the hand life deals them, prioritizing survival amid the horrors of war.

Should you encounter anyone seeking refuge from a war zone in your community, it's essential to treat them with kindness. Refrain from derogatory remarks, and extend a helping hand by providing clothing and basic necessities if you can spare them. Avoid belittling them; they're grappling with trauma, compounded by the realization that some locals may harbor resentment towards them. Feeling like strangers in a foreign land only adds to their sorrow. Many have witnessed the loss of loved ones but pressed on in search of safety. Remember, circumstances can swiftly change; therefore, kindness should always prevail.

Release date: 29 September 2023 (UK)
Director: Ken Loach
Distributed by: StudioCanal UK, Le Pacte
Box office: $7.4 million
Cinematography: Robbie Ryan
Music by: George Fenton


  1. ...this story is playing around the world. In the US, a country of refugees, many want to lock the door!

  2. This makes an important statement

  3. Very good rewiew, you have a sensitive heart.

    1. "Review" Sorry. Typing on my phone.

  4. Bardzo dobrze napisana recenzja. Podoba mi się.

  5. Thanks for this sensitive review, Melody. I was a refugee once, and there is a Ukrainian family below, so the subject is certainly close to home. Sue x

  6. This sounds like a movie we should all see Melody and I was very touched by your review. Thank you for sharing your views which I agree with. It very difficult, heartbreaking, for people to move to another land, especially difficult when they come from war torn countries. Kindness, compassion and acceptance is so important for everyone, but especially so for those who through no cause of their own, are forced to flee from everything they know. Sadly it's a situation that plays over and over again.

  7. Such stories happen in many countries around the world. It is worth raising this issue.

  8. Parece una buena película La tendré en cuenta. Te mando un beso.

  9. Thank you for the review. I've got to find a movie, because I'm very curious about you.

  10. Very good review. Very touching too.

  11. Excellent review, Melody. I liked it a lot. Have a nice week. Greetings

  12. I haven't seen this movie yet and I already want to see it. I am very sympathetic to stories of war refugees and the community as a whole should always welcome them with open arms, as it is a situation that can happen to everyone.

  13. Thanks for this review. Sounds like an important movie to watch.



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