Friday, March 24

Faraway 2023 netflix movie review

The newly released film Faraway depicts what many people go through in life before finding happiness. Sometimes it comes once and stays, while other times we have to try different approaches before finding happiness. I believe in forever, but life is sometimes a bitch.

I like this movie because it is relatable in every way. Zeynep, a woman in her late 40s who lives with her dad, daughter, and chef husband, lost her mom, and on the day of the funeral, her husband didn't show up. She went to his workplace and found out he was with another woman, a new employee chef at his restaurant, showing her some skills, and they were both laughing together. She was so heartbroken that she went to a Croatian island where her late mother had left her property.
The property is by the riverside, but her mother, being so kind, allowed the owners to live in the house until her daughter came for it.   She was so tired when she arrived at night that she slept without knowing a man was on the bed with her, and they both woke up surprised.
She asked him to leave, and he pitched a tent in his part of the land that belongs to him. She wanted to rent the house out to change and rent the house off for Airbnb. She got a large offer to sell the house, but he was against it, and this was where the drama started.

I suggest seeing this movie since it is set in a situation that most people have experienced at some point in their life. When you discover happiness again, it can be simpler to stand your ground and carry on.

Great cast and I enjoyed the movie.



  1. This is such a great review. I never seen this film but it looks intriguing. https://www.bauchlefashion.com/2023/03/spring-into-fashion-5-fashion-trends-to.html

  2. Interesting film and good review. Success for your blog ok

  3. i know about this movie from our fellow blogger who's living in Turkiye

    1. oh thats lovely. It is a lovely movie.

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