When writing articles or posts, here are 6 points to help you gain traffic

 Key factors  to consider when writing articles or posts 

Catchy headlines
A great title is the first step in writing a good article. For readers, the title of your article is the most significant initial impression of your content. A powerful title indicates that your piece contains the information readers seek while also standing out from the sea of comparable, competing for content available in print and online.

Font size and type
An attractive and engine font size would increase readability and easy viewing. By using the right fonts you elicit the appropriate emotions in the reader and establish a tone that brings the text to life. Using too small fonts puts readers away.

Keywords are crucial since they inform search engines about the content of a page on your website. The term "keyword" is also used to describe the words and phrases that individuals type into a search engine to find the information they need. So if your article features fewer keywords it reduces searchability reducing traffic to your website/blog.

Length of article
People want to read but writing lengthy articles can be boring as not everyone likes to read long articles. Some people want to glance through to see the key points and when they can not they close the page immediately. 

Your pattern of writing influences if viewers will read. How does your writing style influence your readers? Go straight to the point if you are not telling a story. Let your article be easy to read, use words that are easily understood.

Usability: are you solving any problem
If you are solving a problem, let the information be inside the first part of the article to prevent viewers from closing the page.

To improve your SEO, provide links to your articles.
Search engines generally use "article" and "URLs" to determine ranking positions. When a reader clicks on the link to your website it creates direct traffic, you can give them further information and show them the services or products you offer.


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