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14 August, 2016


Limited edition of the Charming Georgette two I phone 6/6s case. How unique can this be? hand crafted, with curated embroidery and mirrors, sandblasted polyurethane black rubber bomber. Polyurethane is a polymer, most polyurethane are thermosetting polymers that do not melt when heated.

A luxurious case jeweled with the custom signature of (WF) Wildflowercases in silver emblem. Hand made items are always unique and a stand out. This modern style case gives your phone a well protected cover, makes the deceive more fun, cute and exclusive. It also helps protect your phone for resale value, adds bulk to your phone preventing it from slipping easily. 
When you purchase this phone case you also get cute stickers which I really love.

This case was released on the 4th of June. You also get a free shipping bonus for orders over $50. Just to make the purchase less stressful a list of the Top sellers have been provided, Are you interested in getting a phone? please visit Sunglasses from

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