August 19, 2016


The London brand knows how to summarize your summer with the latest fashion trends and easy going styles to keep you comfortable and in style. Are you feeling the heat already? O yes summer is here and the fun just began. The feeling of summer is a perfect one, so much to do but less to worry about. 

Two trendy designs in one top, my green off the shoulder cotton ruffle cro top is one of my summer essentials i wont forget to carry along while travelling. Styling a crop top with a high waist jean is what i see myself wearing more this summer, the heat is just so much, but i will always prefer it to winter. The top is padded so wearing a bra wont be needed, the material is 100% cotton and it is well sewn to fit.
Jeans are worn all year round, and this free distressed  jeans is really a nice one for summer. The stylish opening at the back of the jeans gives my outfit a classy street style look.
I am wearing the mustard open toe  leather high heels, which is comfortable, fitted and balanced. Wearing comfortable shoes is very healthy for your heel bone, wearing heels for so long is not so good, so please always purchase good balanced heels just by clicking on the link above.
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Team: Evg Photo
           Makeup : by Chioma


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