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Looking all minted up, wearing this ruffle vintage round neck pleated flared dress from Rosegal.
I have never worn an all mint outfit, wanted something a little different, tho this color is mostly worn during the spring period but common its fashion we break the rules always.
This dress is as seen on the picture, everything is in place, but what i love the most about it, is the two trendy styles which includes the ruffle style and pleated flare..

I am so sure my shoes are stressed up and wishing i could wear them. I probably didn't wear this shoes one up to three times before i abandoned it. Wearing very high heels has always been my thing, until fashion turned wild, kept on changing, and i followed.
Tho i wont say this shoe is totally out of fashion, because celebrities like Adriana, and Nicki still rocks this style of shoes.

So what are your thoughts, do you think the mint is too much or moderate, whats your say about the outfit, generally.
Wrist watch : Nicole Vienna Soir N79 Link
Full details on the 10th of July
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Team: Evg Photo
Makeup : by Chioma

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