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When it comes to attending a Senior Prom, many people feel that this is an important part of their lives. It is often seen as a rite of passage by many people, and it can put a lot of stress on those that decide to attend, as well as financial burden. In 2013, the average cost of a Prom night in an American household was a whopping $1139.00, which was an increase from the previous year that was only $1078.00 per family. So it is important to look for a prom dress that is affordable, and fits correctly.

Buying your Prom Dress

There are many stores such as Prom Dress Shop where you can purchase a high-quality dress, at an affordable price, so you do have a lot of choices available. But what happens if you buy your dress that it is non-returnable, and it is too big? The first thing to do is not to panic, as long as you have some time to play with; it is not the end of the world.

Alter your Dress at Home

You usually find that the best plus size prom dresses can be taken in quite easily, as long as you are good with a needle and thread. If you do not have experience at sewing, then you may be able to ask a family member or friend if they can help you alter your dress. Doing this will not only get your dress to fit correctly but will also save you some money.

Use a Professional Seamstress

A professional seamstress is also another excellent way to have your dress altered so that it fits you like a glove. There is a cost to this, but you can usually find someone relatively quickly that can alter your dress for about $35.00. Using a professional service will also ensure that the alterations are done promptly, as well as to a high standard.

Making the Most of it

If you do not have the skills or the money to have your dress altered, then you may be able to do something with your outfit to hide the fact that it is too big. You can try wearing a belt or sash to conceal the fact that the dress is too big, and if done using a contrasting color, it can set your outfit off and make you feel, as well as look, stunning. But if this is not possible, you will just have to make the most of the situation and make sure that you enjoy yourself fully!

Do Not Worry and Enjoy Yourself

The worst case scenario is that you attend your prom anyhow, and enjoy yourself with your friends and fellow students. Otherwise, you may become one of the 53% of Americans who say that they did not attend their prom. The truth is it does not matter what dress you wear, or what you look like, as long as you are with good friends, you will have an excellent time no matter what!

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