How do I style my white blazer to look powerful?

I could say a lot about wearing a white blazer, but I'll keep it to one sentence: White blazers are one of the classiest, most opulent, and most formal pieces to wear. A decent white jacket/blazer is the sparkling star of any outfit. Whether you are matching it with distressed jeans or a fitted dress it will take your outfit to a higher level. You can wear it in the spring, summer, and fall.

This Shewin white Button Decor Casual White Lapel Neck Blazer for Women is the blazer you didn't know you needed. Trust me, I just experienced it. Any outfit will look better with a white blazer, and believe me, you'll get tonnes of compliments. Most importantly, though, you'll leave the house feeling confident. A stylish outfit can help you with that!

How to instantly look more professional?

 Every woman should have a few essential wardrobe items to make getting dressed quicker and more stylish. The white blazer for women, along with the ideal pair of skinny jeans and a great white shirt, is unquestionably one of those essential pieces of clothing. It is one of those items that can instantly add some elegance to your outfit.

By adding a pair of skinny jeans, I was able to balance a casual, put-together look with a professional one. I looked great at work wearing this outfit. If you are starting a new job or attending a semi-formal or formal event, I would recommend a white blazer. One of those essential wardrobe items, a white blazer can be worn with a variety of outfits. White blazers are chic finishing touches for on-trend outfits. An excellent substitute for the typical black, grey, or navy blazer is white. Since it is a neutral, many fall trends can be worn with it.

You can never go wrong with the white and black color combination because white is an ageless color of elegance and style. A white blazer can complete any look, whether it's for the office, the day, or the evening. 

Keep scrolling to see how I styled my statement power blazer from Shewin.

The Zaful floral suit has been seen on the streets and worn by many. Have you ever seen an item in a shop and immediately you knew this was going home with you, this was the situation when I first saw this blazer and pant.
So many reviews, I will briefly share the thoughts of other bloggers and of course mine.
Charlotteniki.blogspot.com, Describes the  belted floral blazer saying it has pockets and buttons on the sleeves, basically all the elements of a blazer. This floral blazer is not lined but the finishing off on the inside is beautifully done with satin piping around all the seams.The color is stunning and you can pair this jacket with a pair of jeans, a skirt or anything you like!
She also added that florals are perfect for fall. Mix your prints and textures and take risks. Fashion is fun and therefor you can do what you want with it as long as you have the confidence to pull it off.
There’s a reason why Southern women are associated with grace, charm, and beauty: they almost always look effortlessly put-together. But what exactly differentiates their style from the rest of the country? And how can anyone emulate it? 
With a firm grasp on your fashion sensibilities, you can shop like a Southern gal in no time. Whether you’re a recent transplant to anywhere from Louisiana to Tennessee, or living elsewhere in the country entirely, read on to learn the basics of the style below the Mason-Dixon line. 
Party Dresses 
Between sorority soirées, tailgate parties, and débutante balls, Southern women lead very active social lives. (And yes, they still get glammed up for gem day). As a result, they’re bound to have more than a few party dresses in their closets for these occasions. 
These dresses may vary a lot in colour, cut, and fit, but given the hot climate, are very often sleeveless or short-sleeved, and hit at the knee or above. Bohemian sundresses are particularly popular for laid-back affairs, as are styles that have a fitted bodice, and fuller skirts for more formal fetes. 
Note that Southern women don’t shy away from colour, either: They don’t necessarily play it safe with a little black dress at the cocktail hour.
Crafted from cotton and polyester, the fabric is soft and smooth, the blazer with long sleeves features small stand up collar, button closure, striped motifs, and flap pockets. Wear it with a shoulder bag to go to work. 
A more modest woman might opt for a navy blue A-line dress. With a classic cut and a high neck, it’s still somewhat traditional, but the sheer back with floral lace adds a touch of flirtation. 
On the other hand, a more fashion-forward woman might go for a tank dress with a peek-a-boo neckline, which is on-trend and perfect for slightly more casual shindigs. And a daring gal could surely sport a frock in a vibrant hue like fire-engine red, with a lace-up top, and eye-catching crochet trim.

I couldn't resist pairing my double-breasted blazer with my glasses from Zerouv. This oversize square block thick frame clear lens glasses is very fashionable and noticeable. The frame is thick, bold,bold and smooth; it is made with an acetate-based frame, metal hinges, and clear UV-protected polycarbonate lenses. It adds both style and class to an outfit. The shipping was fast, and the glasses were finely packed; no damage was done. Zerouv has a lot of glasses, ranging in style, price, and quality. The double-breasted blazer was designed by Silver Hans.

GLASSES : Zerouv 
BLAZER : Silver Hans
SHOE : Pull And Bear
PANTS : Zara
I walked into a store and found this lovely blazer couldn't get my size so i decided to buy it and changed it into what i wanted. I styled it with my kneel high lace booties from Ami club wear, and sunglasses from freyrs (get here)and my best inglot red  lip stick at the moment. Rocking this look is not just classy but also alarming, i always wanted a blazer dress and sure i got one. This blazer dress is one of my favorite but i will also want something more classy in my wardrobe, it also serves as a jacket for me. 
Still on the sunglasses issue, protect your eyes, wear good ones and visit freyrs for quality eye glasses. We love hearing from you, leave a comment below and share.
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Over the years, I have styled some really nice fall outfits, but for some unknown reason, I haven't compiled them into a fall post. So today, just before I left home, I decided to write a fall styling post, which will involve a compilation of some of my fall outfits to create a post with fall outfit ideas. Let me know which of the fall looks is your favorite.

1. Denim jacket paired with denim flare jeans, red knit sweater and embroidered boot.
Denim jacket: Ripped Patched Hoodie Denim Jacket by zaful
Jeans: Denim Lace-Up Wide Leg Jeans by zaful
Red Knit sweater by zaful
Black floral embroidery Chunky boot by pinkbasis
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Denim jacket paired with denim flare jeans, red knit sweater and embroided boot.

2. Green bodycon dress paired with cropped sweater and printed jacked.
Long ethnic style jacket by Wax-Wear
Yellow lace up zipper cyan sandals by Casnaboty.
Crew Neck Puff Sleeve Argyle Cropped Sweater by Sammydress (Now closed)
Embellished Cami Bandage Dress by zaful
Blanx Apricot sunglasses by giantvintage
Medium Inclined Bang Fluffy Afro Curly Synthetic Wig by rosegal
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3. High wasit mini skirt paired with green suede sweater and black thigh high boots
Checked Floral Applique Embroidered Blazer from Zaful.
High Waist Checked Mini Skirt from Zaful.
Crew Neck Graphic Print Suede Sweatshirt from Gamiss (Now closed).
Flat top jazz hat from Zaful.
Puddy tat tobacco by Giant Vintage.
Black Chunky Thigh High Boots from Ami Clubwear

4. All green outfit paired with orange pom pom heels.
Top : Calliope.
Mirror Len :Szaleo.
Green wo sided Pocket Pant : Lovelywholesale.
Dress shirt : Banggood.
Wrist watch Mockberg Nora Petite.
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5. Printed leggings paired with a red bag, sweater and black sneakers for fall
Dreamer sweater by Mrgugu
leggings from Lotus leggings
Black sports shoes czasnabuty.
Round Circle fashion glasses : Emblem eye wear.
Oxford Lord wrist watch.
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Printed leggings paired with a red bag, sweater and black sneakers for fall

6. Red blazers and wasit coat paired with distressed jeans and cow boy boots.
Blazers and waistcoat: Sammydress.
Denim skirt over pant: Zaful.
Original Leather boots from Czasnabuty.
Chain wristwatch: Nicole Vienna.
El Roy eyewear.
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6. Red blazers and wasit coat paired with distressed jeans and cow boy boots.

7. Vintage blazer paired with turtle neck sweater, denim skirt and brown suede boots
Suede boots from Public desire.
Jessica Buurman : Shoulder Bag. 
Puddy tat tobacco sunglasses by Giant Vintage.
Button A-Line Denim Skirt by Dresslily
Sweater : Sammydress.
SONSDO Quartz Watch from Gamiss
Adiors Short See-Through Bang Fluffy Wavy Bob Wig from Rosegal
Coffee colored Checked Lapel Collar Long Sleeve Blazer from Gamiss.
Stripe Pattern Retro Classical Newsboy Cap For Men and Women from Sammydress.
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Vintage blazer paired with turtle neck sweater, denim skirt and brown suede boots

8. Embroidered organza dress paired with 3d sweater and suede thigh high boots.
Embroidered organza dress from  Trendsgal
Full print 3d sweater is by Mr Gugu.
Suede tassel boots by My Unique look 
Wrist watch by Nicole Vienna.
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Embroidered organza dress paired with 3d sweater and suede thigh high boots.

9. Flare denim skirt paired with white shirt and thigh high denim boots.
Jodie denim thigh high denim boots from Solewish. 
White Shirt from Sammydress.
Bershka belt
Ray ban sunnies
 Cndirect Black hat, 
Mockberg wrist watch
 Medea Jewelry 14k gold filled dumbbell.

Flare denim skirt paired with white shirt and thigh high denim boots.

10. Black pant woth colorful 3rd sweater paired with highs and cardigan
Cardigan : Sammydress
Hair : from Dresslily.
Shoes : Casnaboty.
Pant : Stradivirus.
Suede Clutches Bag from Newchic.
Wrist watch by Mockberg.
Sweater by Mrgugu
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Cardigan : Sammydress Hair : You can purchase both synthetic and Human hair wigs from Dresslily. Long Curly Side Parting High Temperature Fiber Lace Front Wig.  Shoes : Casnaboty. Pant : Stradivirus Bag : Fashion Women Suede Solid Clutches Bag from Newchic.  Wrist : Wrist watch :The Nora Petite Wrist Watch which represents Scandinavian minimalist elegance. To purchase please visit on Mockberg.com.  Post here.

11. Black hooded coat paired with burgundy flare pants and heels
Yoga Straight-Leg Marsala pants from Betabrand
Top : H&M
Shoes : Casnaboty.
Glasses : Imij
Soir collection wrist watch by nicolevienna.
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Black hooded coat paired with burgundy flare pants and heels

Dinner dates are fun. You get to spend quality time with someone whose company you like, there is almost always good food involved, and overall you feel loved and appreciated; what's not to love about them. However, an aspect of dinner dates that most of us do not look forward to is dressing up for dinner. Whether it is a first date or a routine thing with your partner of years, dressing up for a date can be quite nerve-wracking. It can be such a challenge to get the dress code right. If you are headed to a formal setting, the rules are pretty simple: be fancy. The trickiest dinner dates to dress up for are those that are more casual.

The question that leaves us scratching our heads is how casual? If you ask us, casual means PJs. But then you cannot go to a date in PJs (unless you want to, obviously. You do you, boo.) Since the concept of casual clothing is so vague and diverse, it helps to follow a guideline. If you are someone who tends to hyperventilate at the idea of dressing up for a date, this is for you. Dates should be a stress-free experience. Here are eight excellent not-so-fancy dresses that you can wear to a dinner date. Let's get started.

1) Statement yet chic in coloured pants

Coloured pants are bold, outgoing, and beautiful. They are perhaps the simplest way in which you can elevate a basic ensemble. Casual clothing can be quite tough to get right. Coloured pants are a unique garment that can be sported in an array of social settings. If you generally shy away from colours, this is your chance to take the big leap. When it comes to styling coloured pants, the best way to do so is with something neutral-toned, like a plain tee, a crisp button-down shirt, or a monotone blouse. The perfect amalgamation of fun and outgoing yet fashion savvy and chic, you can never go wrong with coloured pants.
When dressing or planning an outfit to wear to work, some people do not care about putting in the effort. For me personally, how I look is very important because I was trained by my dad, and he always taught me the importance of looking decent and presentable at all times, even when I am at home.
Dressing for work can be a bit much for some, while for others it comes easily. I strongly believe that the way we appear can affect our performance, how we carry ourselves, and how we relate with people, which is why a blazer is one of the best suggestions to wear to work. It passes for both a relaxed and a formal look. You cannot be overdressed or underdressed while wearing a blazer to work.

The study of colour psychology is fascinating. While some noises help us relax, others make us more awake. Colors, according to several studies, enhances the functionality of our brain.

We have a natural preference for some hues over others. As a result, we'll probably purchase these colours more frequently or incorporate them into our interior design. Others could favour cooler nuances like blue, while some people might prefer warm hues like yellow or delicate natural tones. But what happens to us if a colour is constantly in our environment? This is a topic that science has been studying in relation to colour psychology for a long time.

Because particular colour hues have an impact on our productivity and performance, in addition to our mood. For instance, blue hues are considered to stimulate the brain. Does it truly have any significance?
Ultimately boyfriend blazers can literally go with lots of fashionable looks. I am still open to adding more oversized blazers to my wardrobe because of how stylish they look. I Prefer blazers that create statement looks, have a longer length, thick sleeves and shoulder pads. This makes the texture look more authentic.

One perfect wardrobe staple for fall is the boyfriend blazers. The fluctuating cold weather and transition period can be so demanding. Here are ways to style boyfriend blazers.

1. Make it an office affair.
 Boyfriend blazers with boyfriend pants.
Outfit details
Details Sunglasses: Giant Vintage Blazer: Gregory Arber, Pants: Top Man, Heels: Valentin
 Belt: Bershka.

Do you enjoy wearing blazers? I have read a lot of blogs and articles written by bloggers saying they are addicted to purchasing blazers. The good part of it is that blazers never goes out of style, they will always remain very functional and stylish.

Ciara in a Mugler power suit styled by style Maeve, hair by Lorenzo Calderon and makeup by Yolonda Frederick. In MUGLER RESORT 2021, she posed for the camera. The features on her beige suit, which included a blazer with cutout sides and sheer illusion panels trousers, made it stand out. This look has done exceptionally well for the fashion house, as seen by the fact that various celebrities and fashionistas have worn the jacket or the whole suit look like Ciara did.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who loves a good block heel with good balance. This block heel that I'm wearing in this picture is one of my favourite, if not my favourite, shoes right now. I prioritise comfort while purchasing most items. I don't believe that "beauty is pain" because I always choose shoes that are comfortable for me to wear and make me feel good about myself. This Orange PU Leather Square Toe High Heel Sandals are comfy and of acceptable weight. One thing I like about these shoes is that they made my legs look longer, improved my outfit, and added so much colour, but still made me look simple.

White Plunge Mesh Insert Long Sleeve Bodycon Blazer Dress - Kyle

Today is Friday, and I don't really have any plans for the weekend, but I will definitely share some photos on Instagram. I've been seeing this dress on Femme luxe for a while, and every time I do, I just don't feel quite right about buying it. I thought it was going to be like one of those dresses that look better in pictures but don't fit right when you get them. Well, this was different because it fit right, though I added a little weight and might start going for a size medium because I have always fit perfectly in a size small.
Wearing this look can go wrong if not careful. I will show you some pictures below , of different ways in which  you can style a blazer dress or tuxedo dress. If you are inspired please do leave a comment below.
                             1  3 Get here,   5 Get here ,6 Get here

All-black outfit styles for women.

is the most versatile color in the fashion world. Black is welcoming as it accommodates different colors and easily blends with designs. Black is one of my go-to choice of color when it comes to wearing trending fashion styles. All black uniforms are always trending during the cold season and winter because black clothing absorbs both solar radiation and radiation from the body. The air in the immediate vicinity is heated, then efficiently transported away by the wind. This is slightly better than white fluffy/loose-fitting clothing, which reflects more sunlight and radiation from the body. Whether you are wearing black jeans, any kind of top, a leather jacket, and boots, or sneakers, going for an all-black look speaks volumes, gives the instant power fashion look effortlessly.

Black blazers and thigh high boots
Image of Mode by Rache

All black leather jacket and leather pants
Image of  Tiamarianelson

Woman All Black Outfits
Image of Whitney Madueke

Woman All Black OutfitsImage of ujjumedia.

All Black Outfits
Image of Amagodson

Black tulle dress and long black boots
Image of Emmanuellek

Faux leather all black outfit
                                                               Image of Africanjawn 

Ballon dress
Image of chainyrk
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