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Top 8 not-so-fancy dresses to wear to a dinner date

Dinner dates are fun. You get to spend quality time with someone whose company you like, there is almost always good food involved, and overall you feel loved and appreciated; what's not to love about them. However, an aspect of dinner dates that most of us do not look forward to is dressing up for dinner. Whether it is a first date or a routine thing with your partner of years, dressing up for a date can be quite nerve-wracking. It can be such a challenge to get the dress code right. If you are headed to a formal setting, the rules are pretty simple: be fancy. The trickiest dinner dates to dress up for are those that are more casual.

The question that leaves us scratching our heads is how casual? If you ask us, casual means PJs. But then you cannot go to a date in PJs (unless you want to, obviously. You do you, boo.) Since the concept of casual clothing is so vague and diverse, it helps to follow a guideline. If you are someone who tends to hyperventilate at the idea of dressing up for a date, this is for you. Dates should be a stress-free experience. Here are eight excellent not-so-fancy dresses that you can wear to a dinner date. Let's get started.

1) Statement yet chic in coloured pants

Coloured pants are bold, outgoing, and beautiful. They are perhaps the simplest way in which you can elevate a basic ensemble. Casual clothing can be quite tough to get right. Coloured pants are a unique garment that can be sported in an array of social settings. If you generally shy away from colours, this is your chance to take the big leap. When it comes to styling coloured pants, the best way to do so is with something neutral-toned, like a plain tee, a crisp button-down shirt, or a monotone blouse. The perfect amalgamation of fun and outgoing yet fashion savvy and chic, you can never go wrong with coloured pants.

2) Dressed up jeans

Jeans are a staple for everyone. We wear them daily and never seem to get bored of them. What makes them particularly great is their versatility and durability. Jeans are rough and tough, and you can wear them with just about anything. If you are looking to sport something casual on date night but with a hint of something special and extra, we suggest dressing up your jeans. You may do so by styling your everyday jeans and tee outfit with something different like an embellished belt, a sequined top, an outgoing blue leather jacket, maybe. When sporting a garment as casual as a pair of jeans, be sure to dress it up with something cool and special. If you are feeling fancy or extra, you can try out a bold pair of jeans featuring detailing like embroidery or embellishments and style them with something simple like a neutral top and a jacket or sweater on top.

3) Boho-chic in a maxi dress

Maxi dresses are fantastic. Easy, breezy, beautiful; you just cannot go wrong with them. The best part is that you do not have to worry about styling them; a maxi dress speaks for itself. All you need to dress up your ensemble is some statement jewellery for that special touch of glimmer. You can opt for a chunky necklace or a layered one or, if not a necklace, then perhaps some earrings. If you are feeling extra, you may throw a kimono or a cardigan on top. Complete the look with a complementing pair of sandals or flats, and you are good to go. Simple, no-fuss, and foolproof, maxi dresses are the epitome of casual boho-chic fashion.

4) Elegant and classy in a jumpsuit

Jumpsuits exude elegance and class unlike any other. There is something so effortless and gorgeous about their fit and the silhouette that they create that we cannot look away from. A jumpsuit is an easy date night because, like a maxi dress, it does not need any additional elements to make it work. If you wish to keep things simple, we recommend throwing on a pair of studs and a minimal pendant. If you are feeling extra, however, opt for bolder accessories. Another way to dress up a jumpsuit is with a good jacket or perhaps a blazer. Complete your look with a matching pair of shoes and a bag, and you are ready to head out.

5) Comfortable in athleisure

Who could have ever imagined that gym clothes would be hot? Well, with the advent of athleisure, all our dreams have come true. Athleisure, as the name suggests, is fashionable athletic wear. It is comfortable, fuss-free, and easy to style. If you are planning a relaxed and cozy date night with your boo, it is a good idea to dress up in athleisure. Take something simple like a pair of structured leggings and pair it with a crop top and a zip-up hoody on top. Add the final touches to your ensemble with a baseball cap and sneakers, and you are good to go. Athleisure can be mixed and matched with many other pieces, and it is super versatile so just get creative with your pairings.

6) Easy and relaxed skirt and shirt combo

If you want to dress up casually but are not in the mood to throw on some pants, the best way to go about things is with a skirt. We all love skirts. They are elegant, chic, and super flirty – perfect for date night. Skirts come in many styles, but it is best to go for something flowy and breezy for a relaxed date night. There are countless ways to style a skirt. In formal setups, we suggest pairing your skirt with a chic blouse and matching accessories. For casual settings, a clean button-down shirt, a tee, or a tank top work best. Complete the look with some kitten heels, sneakers, or sandals, and a matching bag, and you are sorted.

7) Easy and breezy in wide-leg pants.

Wide-leg pants are all the rage nowadays because who does not love a roomy pair of pants? They are simple and elegant yet edgy and bold. The best way to style wide-leg pants is with something more form-fitting. If you are sorting a pair of wide-leg pants, we suggest styling them with a turtleneck or a halter top. Throw a jacket or a blazer on top, and you are good to go. Sleek, elegant, and oh so classy, wide-leg pants are the definition of comfort and style at their best.

8) Elevate with a blazer.

Blazers never disappoint. They flatter anyone and everyone and are perhaps the simplest way to take your outfit from zero to a hundred. Throw a blazer on top of anything, and it changes the game in a snap. Be it an everyday dress, a pair of jeans and a tee, or even a pair of shorts, it just works. Simple yet impactful, a blazer adds structure and class to your ensemble.

Parting thoughts

Do not fret over the tiniest details. All that matters on a dinner date is that you have a good time together. Your outfit is what you make it to be and how you carry it. Use our casual dress guide and dress to impress on your next date night.
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