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Amina on nexflix: Full movie review

The movie Amina is centered on a North-west state in Nigeria which focuses the story on a female warrior who fought to keep her fathers throne in a male-dominated era. She was a curious princess who demanded she learnt how to fight and at that time women weren't allowed to go to war. 

With the movie being portrayed to promote one of the greatest stories of Zaria I actually expected more. I am not a movie critic so don't come for me. Amina's character was supposed to show a strong fighter, but as she wept after losing the most important person in her life, I lost connection with her character because I didn't feel the profound grief or the mirror of her performance didn't convey that to me. Considering that the Zaria people don't make many media appearances, the characters in this story are all expected to be top-notch.

The accent used in the movie is very brilliant and the father of Amina, he is a brilliant actor and should appear more in movies. Do I like the graphics? oh yes, it was beautiful and pure. The fight scenes were great and the ending was very impressive tho there was emptiness but a great story altogether.

Movie summary:

Amina must use her military talents and tactics to defend her family's kingdom in 16th-century Zazzau, today known as Zaria, Nigeria. Based on an actual event. Izu Ojukwu, whose film "Sitanda" swept the Africa Film Academy Awards, directed this historical action thriller with elements of fantasy. 

The feature film is directed by Izu Ojukwu (who previously directed the interesting film "76") and produced by Okechukwu Ogunjiofor. It is based on the 16th-century Zazzau empire warrior Queen Amina. Lucy Ameh, Clarion Chukwura, Ali Nuhu, Magaji Mijinyawa, and others star in "Amina," which was shot in Nigeria and edited in Europe.

It expertly chronicles this extraordinary woman's legendary many lives; the anguish and pain caused by the betrayal of beloved lovers; the ferocious savagery in the face of all battles and enemies; the cunning manipulation at the will of nobles and sovereigns of kingdoms; and the tender concern for the downtrodden Talakawas or common people.

According to Izu Ojukwu, "the story of the legendary Queen Amina of Zazzau, whose audacious boldness and conviction precipitated a series of upheavals that transformed the fate of her people in ways no one imagined was joyful and instructive to shoot." It continues to be a strangely transformational experience for both our impressive cast and crew, one that you can join when the film opens on Netflix on November 4th."

Amina is now showing on Netflix. 


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