Nov 20, 2021

Article-sharing sites that help you build a reputation

5 Article-Sharing Sites That Help You Build a Positive Online Presence

With thousands of articles available on the Internet, it is critical to create high-quality content and to get it in front of as many people as possible.

While the Internet has simplified the process of creating and publishing high-quality content for businesses, it has equally simplified the process of sharing content with friends, peers, and followers.

Sharing useful content, even if it is not your own, is incredibly beneficial. Sharing other people's information demonstrates your helpfulness and industry knowledge while promoting and spreading your own content can help you expand the reach of all your hard work, resulting in more traffic to your website, new followers, or even new clients.

With that said, here are a few ways you may utilize to spread the word about your content. 

It's critical to distribute not only your content but also content provided by industry influencers. This can cause anxiety in some marketers. Why would I want to promote my competitors' products or direct visitors away from my site? However, the reality is that this type of unselfish sharing fosters trust. It demonstrates that you respect and value quality insight regardless of whether it comes from (or is about) you.

Additionally, you can post external content while still driving traffic or leads to your own site using platforms like is a link-sharing service that enables you to include an on-page call-to-action (CTA) back to your website (or anywhere else) with each link you share.

Additionally, you may adjust other features of the CTA, such as the button's color, button text, text color, and location on the page. You can even include a photo to make it appear as though the link was recommended in a personal conversation. is an excellent tool for sharing comparable content to your own.


Quora is a content promotion and brand awareness channel that increases traffic and conversion rates by responding to evergreen questions with the material we've already published on our blog.

This tool enables you to educate and inform your audience about your industry and your product or service. 

Content curation platform Scoop helps to increase the visibility of your best content by placing it in topic-specific curated hubs that are easily widely accessible.

Getting started is straightforward. After you've made your account, restrict your focus by searching for Scoop. its pages that have curated content similar to your own. To ensure that your content is viewed, you should choose pages that receive at least 5,000 monthly views and are frequently updated.

Given that the owner of the sites must authorize the information that is curated, it is critical to include only content that is relevant to that page and will resonate with its audience. Furthermore, you do not wish for your material to be rejected.

Once your work is approved, you'll receive a link back to your blog or premium content that will drive targeted and engaged traffic.


Outbrain is an effective strategy for increasing your visibility on more established, authoritative websites. CNN, People, ESPN, and Mashable are just a handful of the premium websites that may feature your content.

Unlike some of the other technologies discussed previously, Outbrain operates on a pay-per-click basis, which means you only pay when someone clicks on your material.

All you have to do is submit your material and specify your desired cost per click, daily budget, and duration of the campaign.

Additionally, you can target users of your material based on their location and the platforms on which they view it.


A content discovery tool similar to Outbrain, Taboola aids in the promotion of a brand's content by placing a widget on a publisher's feed, as well as at the top, bottom, or side of an article.

With its powerful predictive engine, Taboola is able to match content to the audience that is most likely to engage with it based on hundreds of real-time signals (geolocation, context, device, social media trends, and more). Finally, they offer target tools that enable you to segment your audience by both location and device type.


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