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What Every Personal Trainer Should Be Doing

Personal Trainer

Being a personal trainer is a very rewarding career and is an excellent way to stay healthy and well. If you want to get the most out of your job then you should learn more about what every personal trainer should be doing.

This way you can have a long-lasting and gratifying experience training others and getting fit yourself. There’s a lot of competition out there so you must be sure to communicate reasons to work with you and what makes your training style unique and why it works.

Increasing Knowledge

You must educate yourself as a personal trainer and make sure you’re up to speed with the latest techniques and nutritional guidelines. Your job is to teach your clients the best ways to work out and get into better shape. They’re looking to you for answers and you need to make sure you have the right education and knowledge to help them succeed. Take time to explain concepts and best practices to them and go the extra mile by sending them reading materials or tips that will allow them to have better training sessions with you.

Exercising & Staying Fit

Every personal trainer should be exercising and staying fit themselves. You want to set a good example for your clients and know what types of workouts provide the best results. Challenge yourself by trying new techniques and exercises before you have your clients do them. What’s most important is that you do all that’s in your power to stay safe and prevent any injuries from occurring. If you end up having to manage a disability and can’t work then you’ll want to apply for benefits. Should you be denied these benefits then you’ll want to contact reliable social security disability lawyers who can review your case in greater detail and help you appeal the decision.

Self-Promoting & Finding Clients

If you want to keep your job as a personal trainer then you’ll need clients to train. Marketing and self-promotion are a significant part of the job. You need to find loyal clients who want to work with you and use your personal training services. Some of your clients may leave or depart after meeting their goals so you should always be looking for ways to draw in new clients. Keep a steady business by having a marketing plan and strategy and a personal brand that people are interested in learning more about. Launch a website to explain your passion for fitness and get the word out by meeting with potential clients in person and explaining all the reasons why they should choose to train with you.

Helping Clients Succeed

Your entire job as a personal trainer is to motivate your clients and to see them improve and do better. You want them to not only get into better shape but also adopt healthy habits and live a healthy lifestyle in general. Every personal trainer should be focusing on coming up with individual plans and tips for success based on each person’s unique needs. Train your clients to be self-sufficient and make decisions about how they want to be healthier and stronger. Always be professional and listen to your clients so you can respond to their needs appropriately. Admit when you don’t know something or make a mistake and then work hard to address or fix the issue in the best way your know-how. Invest in each client and give them a chance to prove to you that they’re serious about working hard and improving their physique. Develop relationships with your clients and be there for them when they need you to push and cheer them on.

Gathering Feedback

You can’t improve or do better if you don’t know what you’re doing wrong. Therefore, every personal trainer should be gathering feedback from clients and colleagues. You must understand in what areas you can do better and how to tweak your approach so it’s an even more rewarding training session for your clients. Avoid taking this feedback personally and instead, use it to improve yourself and your training abilities. You should never get too comfortable in one place and always be challenging yourself and thinking about what you can be adjusting to offer a more positive experience at your gym and through your personal training sessions.


These are some pieces of advice for what all personal trainers should be doing and focusing on. It’ll help you to have a more satisfying and successful career and ensure that your clients are happy with their results. Most importantly, have fun with it and remind yourself that it’s all about how much work and effort you’re willing to put into it that will determine your career path and achievements.

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