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Latest trending Gele styles for Nigerian weddings

Nigerian weddings are typically true-life celebrations. It takes a great deal of time and talent to prepare a bride for the ceremony, but the variety of shapes and brilliant colors of traditional bridal clothing are well worth the effort. Brides can be dressed in gowns, bridal gowns, headscarves, and festive makeup and always look stunning.

In Nigeria, ahead tie is referred to as a gele – the Yoruba, one of the country's several ethnic groups, use this term. However, head wraps are customary for all Nigerians and indeed for the majority of African societies. A stylishly folded gele is a must-have for everyday wear and a must-have for important occasions such as weddings.

Traditional patterns and colors can be found in the Aso-Oke material used to make geles, which are tightly woven and glossy. Cotton, silk, rayon, and metallic lurex fibers are the most frequently used threads in weaving today.

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