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Natural ways to clean makeup brushes

Makeup applications should not result in outbreaks. However, if brushes are not cleaned consistently, applying cosmetics may cause more harm than good. Dirty brushes can store bacteria that can be transferred to the skin and result in eruptions of acne.

Not only are filthy bristles unpleasant for the skin, but they're also hard on brushes. Makeup residue can eventually deteriorate the fibers. As a result, clean, well-maintained brushes will last longer than ones that are not cleaned regularly.

Additionally, clean bristles perform better than filthy ones. Brushes with a thick coating hinder powders from dispersing evenly across the face. When makeup is applied with clean bristles, it applies more evenly.

Makeup brushes should be cleaned every one to two weeks to maintain skin clear, safeguard the quality of the brushes, and promote even powder application. Clean and disinfect brushes with a homemade solution.


1 and a half cups distilled water
rubbing alcohol 2 tbsp
1 teaspoon olive oil
2 tablespoons castile soap
20 drops tea tree essential oil


  1. In an 8-ounce glass bottle, combine the alcohol, olive oil, soap, and tea tree oil. Combine by stirring or swirling.
  2. Combine by stirring or swirling. Add the water to the mixture and mix it well. To ensure that the ingredients are well mixed, shake the jar.
  3. The mixture should be stored in a jar.
  4. Before each usage, shake the cleanser thoroughly.
  5. Pour some cleaner into a shallow dish to clean makeup brushes. Swish a brush in the cleaner, but make sure that the water level does not rise over the point where the bristles adhere to the brush. Rinse the brush with clear water while pointing it downward. Gently squeeze the bristles and set the brush flat to dry.

Always changed weak and damaged makeup brushes for better effect.

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