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Avoid getting sick in the plane

While you may look forward to flying to an exciting destination for a vacation or business trip, you do

not want to be concerned about becoming ill following your airplane flight! After all, studies indicate

that colds are 113 times more likely to spread on a plane than they are on the ground! The excellent

news is that there are many things you can do to remain healthy before or after your flight. 

The following are four ways to avoid becoming ill on a plane:

1. Maintain Clean Hands

Hand sanitizer is one of the most critical items you can bring on a plane, but it must be 3 ounces or

less to comply with security regulations. This is because, on planes and elsewhere, your hands are

frequently the first point of contact with cold and flu germs. Tray tables, seat belt buckles, overhead

air vents and lavatory latches are just a few of the plane or anywhere else. Some of the dirtiest surfaces.

If you touch any of these items during your flight, be sure to immediately use your hand sanitizer to kill any germs!

2. Maintain Constant Hydration

Why you need to drink water

Another way to prevent becoming ill on a plane is to maintain constant hydration, particularly on

longer flights! While you may want to avoid visiting the restroom on the plane regularly, drinking lots

of water can help alleviate some of the common effects of dehydration on an airplane, including

stomach pain, cramps, and headaches. Maintaining adequate hydration can also benefit your immune

the system, allowing you to remain protected against many of the germs present on the plane.

3. Prior to Your Flight take your vitamins supplements

Importance of taking supplements

While the rapid response effect of vitamins has not been established, several travelers swear by their

ability to keep them from becoming ill following a flight! It can't hurt to take a standard multivitamin,

which you should begin at least two days prior to flying. If you do become ill despite these

precautions, vitamin C can help to lessen the severity and duration of your cold symptoms.

4. Protect Yourself from Airborne Germs by Wearing a Mask

Wearing a face mask provides an additional layer of protection against airborne germs, which are

thought to be one of the top two causes of cold virus infection. Currently, several airlines require

passengers to wear a mask throughout their flight and while in the airport. Wearing a mask keeps

droplets off other surfaces, preventing you and other passengers from spreading germs during flights.

We hope that these tips for avoiding getting sick on the plane while traveling sickness has been 

beneficial and that you remain healthy following your next flight! 

Wear a mask

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