Tuesday, September 8

Wear a mask, don't be a super spreader.

When the COVID-19 outbreak began most people were very conscious of the effect of the virus on human health and protecting themselves was the utmost priority. People have gotten so comfortable and they no longer care about wearing masks, some say it is a scam while some believe it is just a phase. Whichever one it falls on let's not be taken unaware. Always wear a mask. It won't hurt to wear a mask but will hurt to get infected and face the pain of it all.

Wearing a mask is not comfortable for everyone but see your health as an asset and do the needful. If you are one of those people who stopped wearing mask please start today. The cold season is coming we all have to be careful.

Why did you stop wearing a mask?



  1. Because I got suffocation to wear mask .

  2. Spain here.

    I never wear a mask, nor ever will.

    The CV19 is a myth, nothing more, wearing masks does nothing for myths.

    1. Can you prove that it is a myth?

    2. Its not for me to prove anything. You want me to wear a mask… you prove it to me.

  3. I rarely wear a mask because for the most part I am staying home. On the rare occasions I leave the house I am 100% masked up.

    Everyone should wear a mask when outside their home.

    1. You beat me to it Emory, I was about to say, “because I’m sitting in front of my laptop at home”.

      And yes, I always wear a mask on public transport or inside shops.

    2. I understand. I am trying to stay home more instead risking it out there with a mask on. I don't know safe it is but sure we should all wear a mask when going out.

    3. A few reasons: for one, it's recommended in places where people can't socially distance, and I live in sparsely populated Norway where most people don't come within 1 metre of each other at the best of times; two, I have cerebral palsy which among other things reduce my control of saliva and facial muscles, making masks less efficient than they would be for other people; and three, I don't have sufficient training to use masks efficiently so using one at the moment would probably increase my risk of spreading disease.

    4. I understand your point. Norway is doing well, people with certain health issues can not wear mask and that is understandable.

  4. I am not wearing a mask because I am still ‘shielding’ and do not go beyond my garden.

    1. Staying indoors is the best way. Avoiding much contact with people. Enjoy your garden.

  5. Oh yeah, I also see people walking around without a mask here in NYC. Some wear it but they’re either not covering their nose or it’s covering their neck instead of their face.

    I wear a mask when I go outside, and I keep it on. I only take it off when I’m in the car, and put it back on when I go back outside. Recently I got my under armour sports mask, so I started wearing it instead of the disposable masks.

    1. Some People carry mask around but they don't wear. I guess it's for formality for them.

  6. Because I am sitting in my living room using the computer.

    Oh … You mean when I go out of my house or yard. I do wear one, but not usually in the car. I don’t wear one if I am walking with my wife around the block with the dogs unless we stop to talk to someone. The same wind blows germs through the house as around the neighborhood. If I don’t wear one when breathing that air in the house, there seems no point putting on a mask to breathe the same air outside when alone

  7. I didn’t go to college I finished high school but just barely. I’ve worked with tools my entire life. I began working in a shop building pool tables, and over the last couple of decades I love opened my own small custom furniture business. I spent many years training in practical martial arts and have used them to my success in many street altercations. I’ve dabbled in dogsled racing and currently have a wonderful Siberian Husky pup. I may start doing a winter sport with him once he’s grown. I’ve raced mountain bike and road bikes for nearly 1/2 my life.I have a 12yr old son, with whom I have full custody. I have difficulty helping him with his math homework. It’s been so long since I’ve done it in school, and even then it was tough. I read a lot on the Internet, articles, opinions etc, and on here a lot. Although I’m not particularly well-read and don’t own many books. You might even say that “ technically” I don’t know shit about about this Coronavirus 19.

    My point is that with all that I’ve never been to university, or taken any medical research training, and haven’t read much on any subject surrounding pandemics, infections, diseases or things of that nature. I still, however, believe I am somehow smarter than all the experts in my medical community. I think the WHO and CDC are sham organizations who are only spewing false information for their gain. Pretty much, I have all the answers and have figured everything out.

    Masks are simply for suckers. All of us average Joes know better. Masks are just another way for the man to control us. That’s why I don’t wear a mask.

  8. Anonymous9/08/2020

    Because covid-19 isn't real the 5G tower is what's making everybody sick, the reason why seniors or sick people are passing away from the 5G is because the frequency is too high & their body cannot handle it, everything was planned out and the agenda is working superbly for their benefits.

    Yes we are forcefully, asked to wear a mask, at every single place we go to, but also they say you can take off the mask when you enter the vicinity go figure!

    I have the windows opened and a fan blowing at me 24/7, I am, as healthy as an ox, as they say in the olden days.

    minus the back pains, and sore muscles, for no reason at all, even my family, is getting back pains, and sore muscles, hence 5G. I even almost blacked out, at the stores, cash register, the frequencies are strong. Sometimes we feel dazed and confused, our personality is changing, teenagers and kids always feel depressed, and a lot of people in the world feel loss.

    That's what, they want to happen.

    It's called mind control, through frequency waves.

    why do they always, try to cover up the truth, when people, pinpoint, the truth, hmm.. let me see..

    because it is the truth!

    I may be wrong, it may be conspiracy, it may be intuition, or it may be dumb woo-hoo.

    But if it was, such dumb, woo-hoo, then how come they can't pinpoint, where this virus came from.

    They claimed that it was from a bat in Wuhan, but yet some people in Wuhan admit that it wasn't from a bat.

    how come doctors, that were exposing the truth, even the one from Wuhan, had a early demise, became a unsung hero, (but never forgotten, thank you for your services, rest in peace, to the doctors who were trying to spread the truth, about this evil agenda) passed away.

    and why was Bill Gates, talking about, at one of his conference talk that you, cannot defeat a virus, before the virus even happened.

    Bill Gates based his information and analysts on a viral virus computer game.

    And he said no one can beat the virus in that game.

    And guess what the virus always won.

    Yes I do wear my mask, for people who think I am not doing the right thing, but that's only because.

    We are forced to wear the mask.

    Thank you for this question, I know a lot of people are going to.

    Agree with me.. or be very upset.. all I know is..

    The truth must get out.

    Thank you.

    1. Euh, yes. You are dumb. Just for starters, 5G doesn’t use any frequences that aren’t in use today and 5G uses them at lower energy levels. A bit of proper research instead of just believing what other complot-thinkers tell you, could have told you this. Instead you chose to simply ignore science.

      About Bill Gates, check out his TED talks. That guy is one of the truest philanthropists in the world. Now he has to fear for his life because these conspiracy thinkers chose him as a target and many people are too dumb to think for themselves.

  9. I have stage 3 emphazima, COPD and multiple nodes on my lungs. It's nearly impossible for me to breathe with a mask on. I really should be on oxygen but am not using it because I don't want to become dependent on it. I'm also getting really tired of arguing with people over not wearing a face mask. I can't wear one and it's none of their business why I don't have one on when I'm out in public. I'm legally disabled because of my lung condition and am way more at risk of dying than most people if I catch COVID-19. Every time I have to go out I am taking a chance, but I still need to live and get groceries, go to the doctor, get gas, go to the bank, ect, as I live alone and don't have anyone to help me. So please if you see someone who is out and not wearing a face mask, it could be because they CAN'T wear one. Give them a break.

  10. I live in Perh, Western Australia. We have been lucky here as we didn’t have many COVID-19 cases, we locked down early, put people into quarantine, and used contact tracing from the very start.

    Western Australia has no community transmission and it was able to relax restrictions quite early.

    I do wear a mask, something I have never done in the past, when I am sawing, drilling, or grinding wood or metal. I don’t want to risk respiratory problems.

    But if circumstances change such that mask-wearing becomes necessary, I will wear one every time I leave the house. For my own protection and the protection of others.

    It’s not all about me.

  11. In my country most decisions luckily are taken based on science and, despite what especially US newspapers would like you to believe, science is actually not favourable towards wearing masks by the general public. Wearing a mask outside makes no sense at all. The possible positive effects of wearing a mask inside are undone by people not regularly changing masks, not wearing them the right way etc.

    If you look at Europe you can currently see an interesting mass mask experiment. Some countries require them. Others don’t. My country is in the “control group” (so no masks). We’re not doing any worse than countries with masks. Same for other countries in the control group.

    1. You are correct..no one here ������������������������������������������Scotland and all of UK do NOT wear masks outside. It is however mandatory by law to wear them on public transport. In every shop,in all places where it's inside as in mostly all buildings except pubs and restaurants where you need your mouth to eat and drink.kids aged 5 + have ALL to abide by the rules too. England I think it's 11+..

  12. Anonymous9/08/2020

    Totally agree, Melody! Masks are mandatory where I live, but I’ve been wearing one ever since I heard it could make a difference.


  13. I only where a mask when I have to.

    Curated by Jennifer

  14. I wear one when in stores and indoors (like the doc or the school). Do I believe it is going to keep me from getting Covid, not really but could keep me from spreading it so I wear it. Quite interesting to read some of these comments =)

  15. I am SO glad you posted this! Where I live, masks remain mandatory in stores and buildings, thank goodness. People have been pretty good about following the rules and it is making a big difference. Masks are so important!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  16. Anonymous9/09/2020

    Hi Melody,
    don't you think this would be a great mask for you? https://igg.me/at/aio/

  17. I've read some great arguments for wearing mask from the blogs here, but;

    I must say personally I dont want to wear them. Yeah it might help prevent the spread but it's also my right to be have a choice as to whether or not I do. Personally I dont think they make much difference and the science has been wishy washy. Cant help but feel it's more about government control and programming the masses…

    If people would eat healthier, avoid sugar, take the necessary steps to good health we wouldn't see the higher numbers of cases and if infected for goodness sake take hydroxychloroquine, azythromiacin, zinc……good doctors you can actually count on are proclaiming it is 97% effective. About the only country it doesnt seem to work well in for CV is the good ol USofA. Go figure?

    The CDC just came out stating that the actual deaths from CV19 are much lower than media is reporting…….though this is debated I believe it's TRUE becz everyone I know and everyone that they know doesnt know of anyone whose died from it only some that recovered.

    If it were as bad as media is saying the hospitals would be full and we would all know of someone who has died as a result of CV. It's being hyped and used to create fear in the public, condition the public, and ruin Trumps reelection chances.

  18. We should stigmatize and judge people who don't wear masks, they might not be able to wear them because of some health condition. I wear masks in closed spaces but I don't wear them in the open. Where I live now is not a densely populated area.

  19. You have a cute collection of masks, Melody! I try to not venture out very often because the masks are very claustrophobic for me. But since you can't get service in any public place unless you are wearing one, I kind of have to deal with it. I can only tolerate wearing the mask for about 30 minutes at a time, so I go on short trips or step outside for breathing breaks if I need them. Whether it's a myth or not a myth or whatever, if I want to get groceries or see a doctor or anything else, then wear a mask I shall. Thanks for linking up.


  20. I can't say I like wearing a mask but I always wear one when I'm shopping. We all need to be responsible and it's not really much of an inconvenience if you get one that fits right. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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