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Adsense to remove Matched content units starting 1st March 2022

Google Adsense Matched content units will only show ads starting 1st March 2022

Important changes to Matched content

I utilize Matched content to monetize and promote my website, however, Google recently announced that Matched ads will be replaced by Multiplex ads due to decreased use. We're expecting that because it's tagged multiplex advertisements, it will display a variety of ads in a single ad sequence, with an emphasis on high-income value.

Matched Content Units’ from March 1, 2022

Beginning March 1, 2022, matched content units will solely display advertisements and will be renamed "Multiplex ads."

Matched content was originally created as a recommendation tool to assist you in promoting your content to your site's users. Additionally, it included the opportunity to display advertisements alongside the links to your material.

What is Multiplex ads?

Due to declining use of the content promotion service and favorable customer feedback and performance outcomes from an ads-only Matched content ad format, we've decided to discontinue the content promotion service and convert all current Matched content units to show only ads. Matched content units with the "Monetize with Ads" option turned off are likewise affected by this rule.

What is the next step?

You are not required to take any action if you are satisfied with all of your Matched content units displaying solely advertisements beginning March 1, 2022. Alternatively, you must remove the Matched content code from your pages prior to this modification taking effect.

Other modifications:

Along with the format update, the following adjustments will be made:

• Rebranding Matched content as "Multiplex ads" to coincide with the ad type available in Google Ad Manager • Eliminating the eligibility constraints currently associated with Matched content. All AdSense publishers will have access to the new format.
• Removal of the Sites > Matched content page from the AdSense interface • Update of the Matched content unit editor to reflect the new ads-only format
• ' (Lab participants only) Turning off the AdSense Lab's ad-supported Matched content feature and labeling it as retired.

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