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How to increase your AdSense revenue this season

With the holiday shopping season rapidly approaching, let's ensure that your AdSense account and website are prepared to maximize every revenue potential.

Begin by completing our two-step checklist:

Season to drive revenue

Optimize your AdSense account in the first step.

Develop an analytical mindset. 

Mobile devices account for 54% of Black Friday digital orders1. Examine the data from your Q4'20 AdSense account data to determine the highest-earning devices and ad formats. Additionally, your Google Analytics reports will display the most popular user searches and pages visited.

Increase the size of your ad inventory.

As seasonal demand increases, double-check that all of your advertising formats and places are available. Enable all Auto ad formats, particularly Vignette, AdSense's best-performing ad format. Additionally, verify that you've enabled the 'wide screen' feature for both anchor and vignette advertisements in your Auto advertising settings.

Increase revenue.

In 2020, 45% 2 of digital holiday spending will occur prior to the conclusion of Cyber Week. Increase competition for your ad space early this year by allowing all ad sizes through the Ad size optimization feature. Another option to increase revenue is to unblock all categories, allowing additional advertisers to compete for space. You may always visit your Ad review center to disable specific adverts.

Increase your revenue potential by activating the new and updated Auto optimize feature.

This enables you to experiment with various ad configuration combinations and immediately deploy revenue-boosting changes. Due to the increased holiday traffic, your experiments can run faster and your revenue spike kicks in sooner. Activate Auto optimization.

Step 2: Improve your site's performance.

Meet your audience where they are. Whether it's Christmas, Ramadan, or Diwali, keep in mind that not all regions observe these holidays at the same time. Utilize the Google Analytics tool included with AdSense to identify global seasonal peaks, and then adjust your strategy accordingly. Discover how to connect Google Analytics and AdSense.

Verify the speed of your website. 53% Three-quarters of mobile site visits are abandoned if a page takes more than three seconds to load. Utilize the Google Page Speed Insights tool to evaluate the performance of your website and receive recommendations for changes.


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