It means setting boundaries around what you do for others when your own healing and progress is being stunted. It means not letting the behaviour of others impact you negatively. Is this easier said than done? Absolutely, but it’s important to recognize how different people affect you, so you can make the decision to create and maintain the necessary boundaries to protect your mental health or let them go.



7 types of rest you need and why.

Rest is very essential to our health but what most people confuse as rest is not rest. Often time people think sleep and rest are the same but they are different. There are 7 different types of rest you need to feel recharged at each point in your life.

1. Creative Rest
This deal with emotional satisfaction. Pleasing your emotions with creativity that attracts.
Displaying inspirational and brain calming images at your workplace.
  Appreciating nature.
 Enjoying the arts.

2. Mental Rest
Take vacations, avoid toxic people and conflict discussions. 
Close your minds to things around you from time to time.
Take short breaks at work.

3. Physical Rest
Physical rest includes sleeping and napping.

4. Social Rest
Having conversions translate into meaningful interaction with no fear of rejection.

5. Emotional Rest
Free your emotions by letting go of things that can not be changed and also by expressing yourself and letting things out.

6. Sensory Rest
This type of rest is what our generation is battling to achieve.
Bright lights, computer screens, background noise and multiple conversations, in general putting away technological devices that keep our brain active.

7. Spiritual Rest
Why worry when you can pray?
God is the ultimate. Pray and meditate.


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