Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The Woman in the Window Movie Review.

This is a movie about a family that newly moved into a neighbourhood after relocating from Boston. Their son Ethan visited the new neighbour Anna Fox a psychologist that works with kids, they got talking and became friends. It was Halloween season and children came to her house throwing snowballs got her distorted and anxious, she started crying and screaming when the new neighbour Jane Russell the mother of the 16-year-old who visited her days ago came to her rescue and offered to call emergency but she declined. She told Jane that she can't go outside because when she does gets panic attacks. She also mentioned that she is agoraphobic (Agoraphobia is a fear of being in situations where escape might be difficult or that help wouldn't be available if things go wrong. Many people assume agoraphobia is simply a fear of open spaces, but it's a more complex condition). When asked about her marital life by Jane, she has been separated from her husband and her 8-year-old daughter, Olivia.

Alistair Russell the husband of Jane Russell knocks on the door of Anna Fox and introduced himself. after which he asked her if any of his family had come around to see her that evening, but she replied was no, telling him that she had been alone.

 Later that night Anna Fox suddenly heard a woman screaming from a distance while taking her bath, she got out and quickly rushed to the window and called Ethan's Dad which went into voicemail and immediately she rang Ethan asking if everything was fine at their house, he replied yes with a stifled sob and ended the call. While still looking throw the window she saw Ethan's mum Jane horridly leaving the house. Alistair Russell called back within few mins with an unknown number, stating that she called his number, she told him she heard somebody scream not too long and wanted to check on to know what was going on but he insisted that no one screamed and that everything is fine.

Still same night, Ethan came to Anna Fox house, and she told him that whatever is happening isn't alright, he started crying and asked her why she is so nice to him? and she answered him saying children need protection and gave him her number to call her if need be while assuring him that her house is a safe place that he can always run to.

Anna Fox not convinced, brought out her Nikon camera and placed it on her window and that was where she witnessed a shocking event that became a difficult mysterious puzzle to solve. It involved identity, extreme crime, suspense and more. A thrilling storyline I promise.

A great storyline that keeps you glued to your screen. You've got lessons to learn from this movie so no spoiler alert. Enjoy watching on Netflix.

Initial release: May 14, 2021
Genre: Mystery/Drama
Director: Joe Wright
Adapted from: The Woman in the Window
Produced by: Scott Rudin; Eli Bush; Anthony Katagas
Production companies: Fox 2000 Pictures; 20th Century Studios; TSG Entertainment

The Woman in the Window

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