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6 ways to detox your mind effectively

 Mind Detox is a practice that should be done daily. Protecting your mental space should be your top priority at every given second. Toxic activities and people sow seeds of pain, overthinking, and self discontentment. Be conscious of yourself. Taking charge of what stays on your mind is a great way to achieve mental peace, and detox your mind from negative activities and people. 

1.Disengage with anyone who does not add anything positive to your life.

Regularly examine your space and clean out people who do not bring or add any value to your life. Make sure everyone you engage with is actively adding something to help make your life better.

2. Pray/Meditate.

This is an effective way to help calm your mind. During meditation, you focus your attention and eliminate the stream of jumbled thoughts that may be crowding your mind and causing stress. This process may result in enhanced physical and emotional well-being. #mayoclinc

Use effective methods to keep your mind calm. Diffusing oils have great benefits in producing an excellent feeling of relief from stress and anxiety. Get a 50% discount on the whole origin oil pack using the code yb50% and a 30% discount on the aroma perfume using the code yb30%.

3. Ask yourself important questions.

Are there relationships that are not offering you value?
How can I influence positivity?
What unhealthy habits can you break free from?
What could be improved in your daily life? 

4. Become Selectively Social

Be mindful of who you share your time with, connect with people who can have a huge positive impact on your life, and wellbeing.

5. Say "no" whenever you are not ready.

If you have the habit of trying to please everyone you will end up clouding your mental space, running into debts, or being overwhelmed because of how quickly you say yes. The truth is that you can not help with everything, say no to things that overburden your mental space and things you can not do.

6. Learn to Pause, rest, and refresh.

When doing your daily runs, learn to pause, take a walk, stretch your body, or go to the window look to get some fresh air. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Restart.

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  1. these are some really great tips to detoxify and relax
    keep in touch

  2. This advice is so great! With everything that has happened in the world lately...it has been a good way to gauge who is important to keep in my life and who I feel better being away from!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  3. changing your life, getting away from toxic energy

  4. i will try to cover all bases here

    get sober, exercise, eat right, sleep enough, be honest ,kind, decent

    and meditate—find out any possible chemical unbalances with therapist and then psychopharmacologist— i would try all the easy bits first and then if you

    are not doing well get the pro help

  5. We all have unique ways in dealing with decongesting our mind especially that it mainly comprises negative thoughts. It’s a matter of self-awareness. First, If we think we have too much on, try resetting our thoughts again. To reset, is to give break on anything that bothers us. For example, giving in to silence. It’s not that we are avoiding it, but just some silence in our mind to think once more, to reflect and understand why things happen the way they seem. We need silence every now and then. Personally, I silence my mind from negativity by fueling them with positive words here in quora, my comfort zone. Here people speak their minds deeper than I can fathom.

  6. This is an interesting question with a very simple answer. You have to act yourself into the right way of thinking, which means if you change your behavior your thinking will follow.

  7. i will try to cover all bases here

    get sober, exercise, eat right, sleep enough, be honest ,kind, decent

    and meditate—find out any possible chemical unbalances with therapist and then psychopharmacologist— i would try all the easy bits first and then if you

    are not doing well get the pro help

  8. This is an interesting question with a very simple answer. You have to act yourself into the right way of thinking, which means if you change your behavior your thinking will follow

  9. Other answers serve also.

    My answer is this:

    The human mind is comprised of Memory, Imagination and Reason. That is all.

    When you are asleep, your Reason is also off-duty and without this supervision, your Memory plays games with the Imagination. This event is called Dreaming.

    In my case, when I can sort my thoughts into the categories of Memory, Imagination or Reason, I am having a clean day for thought inventory. Just a habit of thought.

    The Dreams carry no moral or ethical responsibility. They are just wild games.

    This message is brought to you by the angel Raphael in the epic poem “Paradise Lost” by John Milton ca. 1667 AD. Bright guy about human beings.

  10. I would start with daily guided meditation (even twice daily if your mind is really in need of a detox). There are numerous apps out there, Headspace is a good one for beginners. A regular practice of meditation will give you more control over your own mind in the long term.

    Gratitude is also a good method of detoxing your mind. This works any time of the day, when you wake up, at meal times, before bed… Think of 3 things that you’re grateful for or something you’ve enjoyed that day.

    Reframing can also be good for the mind. Think about the lesson or the positive that has come out of a bad situation. As part of your detox, you could write a list of things on your mind and note something good or something you’ve learnt next to each item.

    Mindfulness practice is another good way to detox the mind. If you’re feeling irritable, stressed out or low, move your mind to the breath and focus on what you can see, hear, smell, feel and taste. This can bring you out of your mind and into the present. Taking on a complex task that requires all of your concentration has a similar effect.

    I’d love to hear more about why you’re looking to detox your mind. Please feel free to contact me through my website if you’d like to chat: Wellness Calling | Health & Lifestyle Coaching | Australia

  11. What a fantastic question for me to receive at this time, as I am currently in the middle of this process myself.

    It really depends on what you mean by detox. A simple detox could be to stop watching the news or use electronics less.

    However, for a general detox, you cannot rely on the mind to detox itself.

    One way or another you have to put space between thought patterns, become the watcher and train yourself to release thoughts and emotions.

    This is a pretty delicate matter, as most people don’t have the time, resources or discipline to offer more and more focus to it.

    So I’ll tell you what I would do, if I were someone who didn’t have a lot of time and had some relatively decent addictions (such as scrolling on Facebook, avoiding more pressing issues).

    I would pick a mantra or two that I would often focus on. Most importantly, I would focus on them in the morning and in the evening, and offer those mantras at least 15 minutes of unbridled attention per day.

    “Complexity is the enemy of execution.” - Tony Robbins

    My mantras would be:

    “Who am I ?” or “I-I” (as they keep pointing to you being pure awareness, ever present in the now, and they also break the habitual thought patterns again and again). This is a method from Advaita.
    “Can I allow myself to be fully present with what I am feeling ? Can I let it go ? When ?” This is from the Sedona method.
    To detox the mind, I feel we must learn by experience that we are not the mind.

    This isn’t easy, because we are very used to identifying with the mind and the body and we tend to intellectualize everything. Try to use the two mantras mechanically, without expecting answers for those questions, as there are no answers. They’re just the “finger pointing to the moon” - Bruce Lee.

    Adjacently, you could focus on one or two affirmations repeatedly, and let all other thoughts fall away. One of them could be: “My mind is always calm and my focus is always clear.”

    You could also see thoughts appearing on clouds and just whisk them away.

    However, I think returning attention onto itself (awareness/beingness) again and again is important, because, otherwise, you may eventually get completely swept back into the sea of thoughts.

    I hope this helps. I’m not sure this is the answer you were looking for. I just answered because I happen to be in the middle of this process myself.

    Best wishes !

  12. Set an Intention. Spend Time Outdoors. Schedule Time and Space Without Technology. Meditate. Journal or Vent. Ask Yourself Some Important Questions. Let Go. Trim the Excess Fat from Your Calendar.

  13. 1.suffcient yoga and excersise

    2. Meditation

    3.adequate sleeping

    4.positive thoughts.

    5.avoide negative thinking.

  14. Eliminate as much distraction as you can…

    How you do that is up to you… we’re all different.

    For me what works is:

    very early morning walking when it’s still dark. Sometimes with music, sometimes without music.
    sitting quietly in the dark early in the morning by myself and just let my mind go wherever it wants to go.
    before I got injured, jiujitsu was a fantastic outlet to detox my mind
    walking on the beach
    sitting on the beach
    intense exercise when you are just so exhausted that you can’t concentrate on anything other than finishing the workout session
    playing chess
    reading a good book
    going to the cemetery where my Dad is buried
    walking in a forest
    getting lost in the city (I do this only when I’m in Budapest)
    These are my ways to detox my mind. Curious to hear yours.

  15. The first thing that you must do is clean up all the blocked emotions and stress that you have —we all have— in our heart. Those are like ‘coloured glasses’ that tint everything we see and feel. They are, also, the way our mind controls us.
    Then, you fill your heart with your own love, own trust, and own appreciation. You are the only one that can fill your heart. Nothing external will do. You’ll become responsible of your life and happiness.
    You find your inner place of peace and joy. And intuition is developed. You’ll know from deep inside yourself all the answers —and the questions!— that you need to know.

  16. thanks for the question. read dr dale bredesen’s book, the end of alzheimers, which is a great ‘how to’ on this topic. but getting plenty of good quality sleep is the number one priority. during sleep, our brain glymphatic system clears out all the metabolic wastes that have accumulated over the day, including amyloid plaques. if we don’t get enough good quality sleep, the glymphatic system can’t keep up, and wastes accumulate faster than they can be cleared. this is one of the causes of dementia. but there is so much more… read the book.

  17. Detox is the removal of toxins and adding the components that will positively impact your mind. Paying attention to your inner circle is another crucial step in ridding your mind of toxic thoughts. I have a course titled Mindset Reset that provides step by step instructions on reprogramming your thoughts. Learn more at Mindset Reset

  18. First check the intake of information, check the people you surround yourself with, check what you spend your time meditating on, because the more you meditate on negative things thatswhat your life would be build upon. Take it now to reshape your life by dealing on the good things.

    As the bible says “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things.”


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