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Miniso Wireless Bluetooth Headset Model: H-008 (Black).

General review of the Miniso Wireless Headphones classical (black) Model: H-008.

I started using the Miniso wireless headphones months ago. It is more than three months since I got it. The headphone is sold in a transparent pack. I needed a headphone to use during the cold weather and for music. 

Model: Headphones wireless classical (black) Model: H-008.

Product price: The product goes for 699.00 ₴.

Design: The color is black making it versatile to carry everywhere you go. Great simple classy design.

Noise control: The noise control ability is very low. Medium noise can be heard.

Battery life: I am not a music freak and I do not use the headphones so much but the battery life is ok. Sometimes it goes off faster than expected, generally, the battery life is ok. The product has a built-in lithium battery.

Size: 18.2 * 16.5 * 6.2 / 126.5g.

Composition: ABS, PU. Functions: play music and receive calls via Bluetooth, AUX port (line input).

Auto-off: This device does not have auto-off and on when not using it.

Waterproof: This headphone is not waterproof. Putting it inside water or damp areas is as good as damaging it. 

Fireproof: Not fireproof

Body build:  It is covered with leather.

Controls: Three buttons in totally.  +- indicating the volume control for the audio sound. One button at the middle to turn on the headset which connects to any Bluetooth device close to after pairing.

Making phone calls
I like the design and color. It is not up to 6 months and making calls within has becomes rather more difficult. This headphone doesn't fit into the calling setting of every phone tho it is said to fit perfectly with android devices since is more flexible. When making calls people find it difficult to hear me. Most times I have to disconnect the headphone from my phone and when I do they immediately say you sounded really far from your phone but my phone was with me. It is not so great with calls.

This is a great headphone for music. The sound system is clear and enjoyable, especially when inside the house. 

Conclusion: The Bluetooth wireless classic headphones in black model H-008 is a great device for music but not so compatible with making phone calls.

 Wireless Headset Model: H-008 (Black)
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