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Management for Shift Sleep Disorder

It is said that around 15% of the workforce have a non-traditional sleep routine due to working in abnormal work hours such as rotating shifts or anytime out of the normal 9-5. It is a challenging way to live and can make you constantly feel like a slug wading through your work duties. 
This is simply because your mind is constantly sending your body signs that it should be preparing to sleep throughout the night whilst you are trying to keep it together to complete your job. 
The interesting phenomenon is even though you might get enough sleep during the day, you will still feel drowsy. This is because you are working against the natural circadian process that our ancestors for thousands of years have ingrained into our DNA


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Consistency for Your Mind
To get up and attempt to be productive when it feels like cement blocks are on your feet and your mind feels like you drank 3 bottles of bad Merlot from lack of sleep, is a battle that is almost impossible for anyone to win.

A consistent sleep routine is one of the only ways your mind begins to associate with the understanding of sleep. It begins to understand that once you take a shower, drink your warm tea, and read your book then it is preparing for a relaxing sleep. 

The problem is that real insomnia sufferers that have trouble sleeping start to associate their bed and the whole routine with anxiety and this starts a hyperarousal state and you will never accomplish sleep. Whether you have a good night sleep or not you have to get out of bed at the same time every day. Do not take naps in your bed and only associate them with good intercourse, clean sheets, and basically your own oasis. Sleep is not something you try but it is because your body is tired and essentially needs it to rejuvenate for the next day. 

Countries like Asia and other developing areas in the world do not have many sleep problems simply because they do not have the time to worry about it. Most get up at sunrise every day and work or everyone in the house is moving around at this time. When you do not question it or have a choice, then it is a natural process like our ancestors and it does not happen. 
Light Therapy, Blackout Curtains and EMF Protection

The primary integrating components of the circadian clock are light and melatonin. Light is known to be the strongest variable in getting back on track with your circadian rhythms. Using different timed exposures to light in combination with timed-release melatonin is one of the better approaches to sleep shift disorders.


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If there is no way around it and you are lucky enough to have a 3rd shift then another approach in conjunction with the others mentioned above is using blackout blinds and heavy curtains. 

Sunlight Has a stimulating effect on our circadian clocks whether you are exhausted or not and it is better to blackout the room while incorporating a timed exposure to light in order to stimulate your own daytime. 

Another possibility is that you are sensitive to the waves that your gadgets are sending through the air. This is called EMF radiation, and it is important that you protect yourself from those effects. There are some interesting products that can help you here, such as room Harmonizers, or watch bands or bracelets. EMF Harmony is one of the most devoted companies that produce multiple EMF protectors, and provide you with research on this matter.

Using a Nootropic for Sleep Shift Disorder
There are many approaches toward sleep disorders such as the sedative effects of benzodiazepines or drugs such as Ambien that have the ability to bind to GABA-A receptors. However, these drugs are highly dangerous and can cause long term problems related to memory, and even addiction. 

Also, while sleep shift disorders in the long term can cause other problems with chronic lack of sleep such as an imbalance of Gaba and Glutamate which has a secondary effect creating hyperarousal and anxiety. Most likely, asleep shift disorder should first be approached as a circadian rhythm problem versus anxiety or another emotional anomaly unless otherwise noted. 

A nootropic called Modafinil is a schedule IV drug that can only be prescribed and has been long used for sleep disorder problems to include, including sleep shift disorder, sleep apnea, and narcolepsy. Modafinil works by targeting dopamine transporter receptors, which leads to increased levels of dopamine in brain cells. This remarkable increase in dopamine contributes to the wakefulness side effect that helps in maintaining productivity. Modafinil works by basically recalibrating your brain and body while giving you more energy during the times you are awake. 

All in all, if you are not interested in trying new kinds of supplements, you can always count on vitamins or other healthy foods. Keep in mind that your body or overall health can be affected more while travelling or during the important events in your life (starting University, getting married, buying a new house, graduation, etc).

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  1. Really great tips! As a lifelong insomniac, I can attest to that fact that leaving your bedroom as a place for being intimate and for sleeping only is so important. If I need a nap for any reason, I either nap on the couch or if I do nap in my bed because it is the quietest place in the house, I never get under the covers. I lay on top with a throw blanket. I don’t know why this is better for my psychological approach to bedtime, but it really does change something and allows for easier sleep when I get into bed at night. Thanks for sharing and linking up with me.


  2. Wonderful tips, thanks for sharing Melody




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