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Building a Fairer and Healthier World for Everyone.

World Health Day 2021: Building a Fairer and Healthier World for Everyone.

World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated every year on April 7, under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization and other related organizations. In 1948, the WHO held the First World Health Assembly.

Health is a fundamental human right. Every person deserves to live a healthy life regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, disability, economic situation, or employment. Unfortunately, progress in tackling health disparities has been slow worldwide, including in many countries that are currently experiencing emergencies and conflict.

This World Health Day, the aim of today's theme is to sets actions to eliminate health inequities, as part of a year-long global campaign to bring people together to build a fairer, healthier world.

That’s why the World Health Organization is calling on leaders to ensure that communities are at the forefront in decision-making processes as we move forward to a new future and that everyone has living and working conditions that are conducive to good health. At the same time, we urge leaders to monitor health inequities and to ensure that all people are able to access quality health services depending on their needs and values within their communities.

World Health Day is one of 11 official global health campaigns marked by WHO, along with World Tuberculosis Day, World Immunization Week, World Malaria Day, World No Tobacco Day, World AIDS Day, World Blood Donor Day, World Chagas Disease Day, World Patient Safety Day, World Antimicrobial Awareness Week and World Hepatitis Day.

How to take part?
Share the word.
Educate people on healthy living lifestyles.
Ask them to share their favorite healthy meals and recipes for World Health Day.
Get everyone to share their favorite workouts.
Send a broadcast message, with health tips and wishing everyone good health.

Facts and Figures:
For the first time in 20 years, global poverty levels are predicted to rise and hinder the progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

Up to 60% of people living in some countries of the Region lack coverage with essential health services.

More than 1 billion people living in informal settlements or slums are facing increased challenges in preventing infection and transmission of the coronavirus.

The Asia-Pacific region as a whole accounts for nearly 82.5 million or 32% of the world’s international migrants. 

5.9 million children in the Asia-Pacific Region are at risk of not returning back to school due to the disruption to education and the economic impact of the pandemic.

52% of the Asia-Pacific population remains unconnected to the internet.



  1. We have to work on four basics of life psychology, Physical health, money, relationships.

  2. Even though unfairness will always be with us, we definitely can raise the quality of lives of those in need of help.

    We acknowledged there is no fairness from day of birth to the day one leaves the earth. Why are some born with beautiful physical features the world worships while another born with down syndrome we hesitate to embrace. We cannot prevent unfairness in life.

    But we can definitely increase kindness and philanthropy. The strong helps the weak, the rich gives to the poor.

  3. We need to outlaw religions persecution by Christians and Muslims.

  4. With following things.

    Positive thoughts
    Proper Health
    Economical process

  5. Perhaps by kindly listening to each other, accepting people as they are, encouraging creative thinking and making truth, beauty, and goodness popular. As things are, greed, pretense, violence, selfishness prevail. It is just pointless to try to make other people agree with you, to force people to be good, to kill people for righteousness. Clean up your own house first as they say, in other words make your inner life as free of meanness as possible, work towards the world you want not against the one we have.

  6. Working on unfairness through education. The internet could be the vehicle with instructions for eliminating unfairness. sorta

  7. That is a very big question, Melody, and I’m not sure I’m qualified to answer, based on my minimal experience improving the world. But in my 65 years, I think I’ve seen some clues that might help your search, so here goes…

    Most of us live with some degree of cognitive dissonance, letting ourselves off the hook for behavior that falls short of our ideals. For example, I still drive a gas powered automobile, in spite of my awareness that such vehicles are responsible for most forms of pollution and catastrophic climate change. If I had any real courage, I’d be back on my bicycle.

    If everybody resolved these issues and we simultaneously lived up to our own ideals, I’m sure the world would be a better place. We wouldn’t have to convince anybody of anything, just inspire them to do what they already know is right.

    So I’ll answer your question with a question. How do we inspire people to follow their own ideals?

  8. Only by becoming AWARE OF OF OUR COMMON INTELIGENT CONCIOUS SOURCE-SUBSTRATUM OF EXISTENTIAL REALITY !! For a detailed consideration one may visit the relevant posts in the following blog:

    ‘The inwards journey (part 1-3)’

  9. Q: How can we build a fairer and healthier world for everyone?

    Not by forcing people to abide in legislation made on arbitrary grounds.
    This mean all mankind should humble themselves and stop claiming they know 100% what is best for other people.

    We have a pandemic these days, many, more than half of the population, will have a strong enough immune system to deal with the virus. If they want to follow the advise of the expert and state, that is fine. People are different and some work hard to keep their immune systems strong, there is no magic pill for all deceases. Stop insinuating there is.

    Some things we do not have control over by nature one of them is other people.
    We cannot allow for authoritarian rule for all, this will not make everyone happy.

    This question will never have a good answer because it is taking a misguided resumption, which is: We cannot make rules that make everybody happy.

    Life and let life is the motto of loving people.

    Follow my rules that of ,,,,,, less to no loving people.

    hope this was helpful

  10. We begin with ourselves. Fairness develops through threating others with Human dignity, making sure that everyone has a seat at the table, both physically and mentally. Eat healthy food in moderation and exercise regularly and get a good sleep every night. Do not fear disease - our bodies are designed to heal themselves, once we treat them right.

  11. I don’t believe in the concept of fair when applied to life. Fair applies to situations with a set of rules governing a small set of actions. The use of “fair” in circumstances where billions of people are all different from each other in skills, ability, talent and personality and are all engaged in infinite actions is a misapplication of the word.

    A healthier world for everyone is also problematic. Using myself as an example, I have heart disease that requires a certain diet and medications. I also am prone to kidney stones. Some of the foods that are good for me to eat for my heart disease are terrible for kidney stones and some things that would reduce my risk of kidney stones would interfere with the effectiveness of my heart medications. And I am just one person in a world of billions and those are only two illnesses in a person who has several others.

    So, with the multiplicity of variables that exist in billions of individuals in this world and my objections to the words “fairer” and “healthier”, my major concern is with the use of the world “build”. It would take some kind of super megalomaniac to think or believe that they can build a system that is fair and healthy for everyone. Whatever the parameters of that system, it would be unfair to some if not many and unhealthy for some if not many. And building such a system would require everyone to obey the rules of the system which ultimately would be an infringement on everybody’s freedom. And that would be unfair and unhealthy to the nth degree.

    Freedom and the free flow of information that allows everyone to make the choices necessary to decide for themselves how to build a life in which they can thrive is the best we can hope for. And it’s pretty good.

  12. Stay healthy and be selectively charitable.

  13. Melody, my take is that we should pursue a society of individuals contradistinct from that of a global tribe/collective/group will have been the first step. If there ever is to be a ‘fairer and healthier world,’ that is the world of the future. All other pursuits trying to accomplish the same are simply variations on PIWing that groupie leaders continue to try and fail over and over since the first city-state.

    Carver Wrightman

    alias Cecil R. Williams

  14. Let me reword your question a little You want to change the hearts and minds of roughly 7 billion people, and shape all of them into a single somewhat liberal mindset, essentially equalizing all humans and causing them to be healthy. You are going to do this when over, I’m guessing, 70% of the world’s population, either through deep seeded religious beliefs or deep seeded cultural beliefs, will never accept your definition of fair.
    I’m sorry, I’m just not seeing that happen.

  15. Only through the right, purposeful and highly practical education, that can explain to us, make us feel how destructive, harmful our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, exploitative, individualistic nature is in the globally integrated, interdependent world we evolved into, and can also give us the tools to adapt ourselves to our evolutionary conditions by changing, upgrading our inherent nature.

  16. I think a fair and healthy world can be created by true love i think we all need to understand the Divine Principle. The way the original world ment to function.

  17. Shared resources. Make things available to all at a fair price. We have super rich and super poor. Until we even that out, it is hard for the world to progress.

  18. 1 . First step spread awareness , which you have already done.

    2. Promise your self that you will follow simple environment friendly practices, such as not using plastic bags and other environmental damaging goods. Then as you are doing, tell others as well.

    3.Water conservation and avoiding wastage.

    4.Planting and caring for the trees.

    5. Using and promoting renewable resources

    6. Keeping surroundings clean and if there are any issues taking initiative to report the authorities , For eg, leaking water pipes, sewage pipes, etc

    This way we can build healthier world.

    For fairer world opposing discrimination of every kind, spreading, message of equality and freedom all over the world.

    You have raised a very important issue which is very essential for better stronger world.

    Thank you.

  19. It starts with infrastructure and education.

  20. The ideal answer to that is to love thy neighbor like they love themselves

  21. Start by being an example of justice and health. Become a person who tries to promote the common good.

  22. By removing the need for secret knowhow and humanity babysitting.

  23. G’’Day Melody:- By having fairer Politicians. Preferable well principles Females rather than men. Females who wont tolerate stupidity among their counterparts and opposition. We need to eliminate Political Parties, voter for Independents. or those people who will care for the citizens of their Country. It comes from the very top. That is, those people for whom we vote. Not only does it come from the Top, but we as voters must be very careful to vote for the right candidates. I would like to see more qualifications (Not Law or Economy), among our Political Candidates.

  24. It is not possible human nature tendency are not good in general it is like that so u should be fairer and healthier to others and world that much u can do with no expectations from other people

  25. Question really translate to how does one behave that which is constructive towards another.

    So basically you don't do or say anything upon interacting towards the next person you meet that will be damaging or lead to a non-beneficial effect. Never attempt to deliberately mislead or deceive but always remain truth unless otherwise justified.

  26. By allowing individuals to pursue their own happiness. People should be free to do whatever they want as long as they do not violate the rights of another. While we have more freedom than we did before, we are still controlled by corporations and their cronies (politicians). The solution can only be more freedom and less power for politicians and bureaucrats.

  27. Limit government power/controls.

  28. it won’t occur, UNTIL, Yahushua/Jesus, returns…if you read the “Revelation of Jesus Christ” in the one book whose many predictions have come true, unlike any other, you can read about what will occur, just read to the end, the “good person” wins…incidentally, “Jesus” will return in the nick of time, after 2/3rds of all life on earth has been killed, murdered, just before humanity sterilizes the earth, and splits it in two…

  29. Ferdinand Buss6/04/2021

    Ignorance is the most expensive thing you can experienced.

    Why? It’s either you loss your money or your good health. Sleeping in the hospital is very expensive.

    No one can build a perfect remedy or philosophy or advertisement in regards to educating people how to be proactive on being healthy.

    If the big government and the local government build a space, parks or areas for recreational activities so that people can go, that will be the best way for people to walk around, and to enjoy the scenery and it’s exercising structures.


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