It means setting boundaries around what you do for others when your own healing and progress is being stunted. It means not letting the behaviour of others impact you negatively. Is this easier said than done? Absolutely, but it’s important to recognize how different people affect you, so you can make the decision to create and maintain the necessary boundaries to protect your mental health or let them go.



I Am All Girls Full Movie Review.

 This movie is not the best movie to watch if you do not want to get angry, sad and disappointed at the same time. In my opinion, this movie has more details than what was shared.

This is a true story that happened in South Africa, in the year 1994, at the capital Johannesburg. A man named Gert de Jager abducted six girls who were never found. After his arrest, he confessed on tape. The Apartheid government refused to release it at that time but well it is on Netflix now and we can all watch it.

At the beginning of the movie, Gert and his girlfriend had kidnapped some girls and put them inside the trunk of their car and brought them to an unknown location. Gert stated that he was acting under instructions from a national party cabinet minister whose identity can not be disclosed to prevent him from getting murdered. When they arrived at the location the girls were sweaty, crying and afraid. They wore matching dresses and were taken into a private jet. Not all the kidnapped girls were smuggled some were used sexually trafficked to both men and women. 

Tarrynlee Shaw Carter was being molested by her granddaughter, she was also kidnapped at James and Ethel Gray Park by Gert de Jager. The detective on the case of the murder of Tarrynlee Shaw Carter's grandfather who was murder by an unknown person with her initials boldly written on his chest. The detective in charge of his murder case broke down several times trying to put the puzzle together.

Tho, Gert de Jager shared the full story of how they operated using his farm in Brakpan a mining town in the Gauteng province of South Africa. The name Brakpan was first used by the British boatman in the 1820s because of a non-perennial lake that would annually dry to become a "brakpannies pan". He stated that it was like a lodge, it had an airstrip (a strip of ground set aside for the take-off and landing of aircraft) from there girl was smuggled to the middle east, maybe Iran. He went on to say that not all of them were smuggled, some were used and killed and Ntombizonke Bapai was one of the girls.

Most people involved in child trafficking were being murdered by an unknown person who got the detectives curious. 

Take home from this movie:
The US state department estimate 500 000 to 700 000 women are trafficked every year. More than half are children. Less than %1 are ever recovered. As sad as it might sound women are fighting to survive each minute on earth. 

Initial release: May 14, 2021
Director: Donovan Marsh
Music composed by: Brendan Jury
Production company: Nthibah Pictures
Producers: Lucia Meyer-Marais, Jozua Malherbe, Simon Swart, Wayne Fitzjohn, Jarrod de Jong


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