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The Fisherman's Diary Movie Review.

This movie features a poor fisherman Mr Solomon living in a society that sees education as a waste of time. The battle all started after his educated wife left him but later came back and died. His hatred for education was beyond what words can explain. His daughter Ekah's got interested in education after seeing other children in school when she went to deliver fish from her father the fisherman. She had so much passion for education and wanted her to go to school so badly.

Each began to hide near the school window to listen to the lessons taught by the community school Bihbih who later discovered the talent in her. The teacher informed Ekah's Dad of her excellent performance and this was where the battle began. Upon finding out about her desire to go to school her this got the fisherman so mad that he swore that he rather dies than see her go to school.

The game began when Ekah's father's brother Lucas advised her father to give her hand in marriage to an old man but he didn't know that his brother was using Ekah as payment in exchange for the debt he owed the old man.

 Cosson Chinopoh. Faith Fidel. Ndamo Damarise. Onyama Laura. Prince Sube Mayorchu. Godwill Neba.
Country: Cameroon.
Release date: September 2020.
Language: Cameroonian Pidgin English.
Produced by: Kang Quintus.

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