It means setting boundaries around what you do for others when your own healing and progress is being stunted. It means not letting the behaviour of others impact you negatively. Is this easier said than done? Absolutely, but it’s important to recognize how different people affect you, so you can make the decision to create and maintain the necessary boundaries to protect your mental health or let them go.



Emerald Green Midi Bodycon Dress.

Let's just take a break from everything going around us. The world is struggling at every corner and we are feeling the impact one way or the other. The problem between Israel and Palestine is very alarming and disturbing as innocent lives are being lost. While we pray for world peace let's not also forget to put our mental health in check.

I have been struggling with myself a lot, it has been more of setting boundaries with the things that are not acceptable from people around me. I am taking life one step at a time and I super excited about my growth. Summer 2021 has to be a good one because winter was so tough. Dressing up and looking all pretty to the park is part of my summer goals.

 I really wanted summer to come in full before wearing this dress, I wore it for a night out with my friend when I travelled to Kyiv and to a little gathering. I love dresses that flatter my figure and this emerald green dress happens to be one of my favourites. The exposed shoulder make the dresses more of art on my body, the fit is perfect as I wear a size small which was my perfect size. This Emerald Bardot Cowl Neck Ruched Midi Dress - Malia is now available at a lower discounted price of £33.98 now £18.99. Get the dress from

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Apart from looking all pretty and glam, I also plan to engage in some summer activities. I have shared very helpful tips on how to enjoy summer to the fullest

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