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Sudan's military dissolves transitional government in coup

Sudan's military on Monday dissolved its power-sharing government and imposed a state of emergency, plunging the country into its worst political crisis in the country's two-year transition.

Abdalla Hamdok, the Prime Minister, his wife, and a number of civilian ministers have been arrested.

General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, Sudan's military commander, announced in a televised address that an "independent and fair representative government" will assume authority until a new government is elected in 2023.

Burhan stated that some provisions of the constitution have been suspended and state governors have been removed.

Tensions between the military and civilian leaders of the country's Sovereign Council, a power-sharing ruling body, have risen in recent weeks.

Hamdok and his wife, Muna Abdallah, were arrested and brought to an undisclosed location on Monday, according to Adam Hireka, the prime minister's economic adviser.

Earlier in the day, the country's Ministry of Information announced on Facebook that Hamdok had been placed under house arrest by "military troops."

According to photographs from the scene early Monday, Hamdok's Khartoum residence looked to be encircled by armed personnel.

Multiple government ministers and officials, as well as witnesses to the arrests, were detained, the Information Ministry claimed.

According to the Information Ministry, those arrested by "combined military forces" include several civilian ministries in Sudan's transitional government and members of Sudan's sovereign council. CNN was unable to independently verify the Information Ministry's assertions, but family members indicated that the Minister of Information was one of several senior officials imprisoned.

According to the ministry, military forces also invaded Sudan's official broadcaster in the adjacent city of Omdurman and seized employees.

According to the ministry, Sudan's leader is under pressure to issue a statement "supporting the takeover," but has already urged citizens to come to the streets in protest.

"In a message from his house detention, Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok calls on the Sudanese to stick to peaceful (means of protest) and occupy the streets in defense of their revolution," the ministry stated in the Facebook post.

Protesters gathered in the streets of the capital on Monday early local time to demonstrate against the arrests, blazing bonfires and erecting blockages.

According to one eyewitness, activists have shut down three major bridges in Khartoum, including one connecting Omdurman to the city and leading to the presidential palace. Security forces temporarily used tear gas to disperse demonstrators near that bridge, the eyewitness explained, adding that the security troops patrolling the streets are primarily military and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces. The eyewitness stated that there is little police presence on the streets.

Bullets were fired at protestors demonstrating against the coup outside Sudan's General Command in the capital, according to another statement on Facebook from the Ministry of Information.

The government stated that casualties occurred, but did not specify how many or who fired at demonstrators.

Hundreds of demonstrators were seen going towards army headquarters in numerous footage shared on social media.

"We are walking with anxiety in our hearts — and worry sleeps in people's chests," protesters chanted.

Many videos showed protestors dismantling razor wire from a road following reports of street closures in several parts of the city.

Flights from Khartoum International Airport have also been suspended, according to a Civil Aviation Authority source, while the Ministry of Information said that internet services had been "disconnected from mobile phone networks" and that armed personnel had shuttered bridges.

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Khartoum, Sudan (CNN)


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