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Jennifer Garner wearing the lightweight, and supportive Brooks Sneakers. 

Jennifer Garner isn't quite ready to give up her loungewear lifestyle as the world reopens and pre-pandemic activities resume. The actress has been photographed several times in recent weeks wearing leggings, sweaters, and her go-to Brooks sneakers. And, for $150, you can purchase the exact black and pink Brooks Glycerin 19 Running Shoes she's been wearing nonstop.

The sneakers, which are available in 15 colorways, include the brand's softest insole cushioning, a mesh top and inside lining for a secure fit, and rubber traction on the outsoles to avoid slipping. They are available in sizes 5 through 13 in standard, thin, and wide variations.

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While these sneakers are ideal for running or working out at the gym, they're also excellent for regular strolling. Especially if you're resuming your commute to work or taking regular strolls to get out of the home, the Brooks Glycerin 19 sneakers are the right footwear to avoid soreness or discomfort. Even healthcare experts who spend entire days on their feet extol the virtues of these sneakers.


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