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Helloice Hip Hop cuban link and tennis chains 2021

Have you ever desired to enhance your look but were unsure how to do so? Jewelry is one of the most understated yet effective ways to add some edge to your wardrobe. If you're ready to go out and raise the stakes on your ensemble, consider adding a chain to your outfit. A bold necklace gives your outfit an edge without being overpowering, and they look excellent on everyone.

Over the years I found it a bit difficult to wear chains, I just felt like it was more of the masculine line of jewelry especially big chains because growing up I saw the likes of Jayz, 50 cent, T-pain, and most people in the music industry wear gold, silver, diamond chains and necklace with big pendants. I tried a couple of chains but I was not confident enough to wear them out. I felt it was too bold and didn't really compliment my outfits.

Tennis chain

I started to adapt to different fashion styles which made me try new fashionable items which I haven't tried before and that was when I started to like the way chains look on me when I wear them. With time, I immersed myself deeper in my environment and I saw necklaces for what they truly are: fashion accessory that makes a bold statement about who you are, and in some cultures a statement about your ancestry and tribe. They come in diverse forms and designs.

People spend so much money buying chains, it is a trend of celebrity lifestyle to showcase jewelry and of course, we all know that the media will also do its research and the price will be up there, and so with this, I felt like wearing a big chain that arent so expensive gave away on the price and make me look cheap.

Thank Goodness that we can all wear what we can afford and be totally proud of it due to different varieties of chains being produced which won't break your bank account but are original. 

Chains are designed with different materials and come in different designs which include pearl chains, Stainless Steel Figaro chains, white gold chains, tennis chains, multicolor chains, chains made with precious stones, diamond chains, Cuban link, and a lot more. 

Cuban chain

Some people find it a bit difficult knowing what type of chains to purchase, well there are two types of chains that always stand out, the Cuban link and Tennis chain. These are chains you can rock all year round.  The Cuban chain has much hype due to its origin. This chain style originated in Miami during the early 1970s as a result of a rapid movement. The hip-hop jewelry movement that gained popularity in Miami at the time eventually gave way to the Cuban necklace we see today. There is more to this chain than you might even know. 

Do you know that the fact that Cuban links can keep or even increase in value as a result of gold's market behavior is a significant benefit, but only a secondary one just like the tennis chain? A tennis chain is a style of necklace that features a continuous and complete strand of diamonds that encircles the entire neckline for an attractive and classic appeal. Depending on the design, little or huge diamonds can be used to create a tennis chain. They are versatile and you can wear them every day. 

Helloice Hip Hop Chains 2021

Do you need a chain? yes, you do because wearing them makes you look good, fashionable, and cool, but in other not to look like a newbie here's a guide to wearing a chain necklace.

The Width of the Chain

Choose a chain that is a good fit for your size. Slim chains between 2 mm and 4 mm will fit you nicely if you are a slim guy. If you are large in stature and have a thick neck, wider chains may appear more proportionate. 

Length of the Chain

Chain necklace length has an effect on your whole style, particularly the type you wear. Whether it drapes above the shirt or is hidden beneath it, it creates a completely distinct aesthetic. 

Keep in mind that you should select chain necklaces that are appropriate for your height and size. Larger individuals will require a chain necklace that is larger and longer than a small individual.

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