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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

This Is What Your Self Care Should Look Like As An Entrepreneur

Everyone needs to take care of their body, mind, and spirit, but tаlking to the on-the-go mover and shaker, you especiаlly need to do so. You interact with a large number of people, you have an impact, and your ability to continue doing what you're doing is influenced by your level of self-care. Freelancing, small businesses, and home businesses can be exhausting.

So, how do you go about doing it?

Go back to basics

The basics are those aspects of your business that contribute to its long-term viability. The impact of a lack of self-care or the amazing shape of individuals who made the time to work out becomes more apparent as we get older. The fundamentals will never change:

SLEEP. With the busy lifestyle you lead, likely, you’re not getting enough sleep. Change that.

MOVE. Exercise is detrimental to your health. Even a quick walk will make a difference. Plus the fresh air will do you good.

WATER. Consuming more water will help your body expel toxins, improve your skin, and make sleeping much easier. Seriously, drink more water.

GREENS. Even if you’re not a fan of your vegetables there are plenty of ways to hide them in food. Eat more greens!

ANTIOXIDANTS. Expel the toxins from your body using ingredients like turmeric - you’ll notice the difference.

BREATHE. As an entrepreneur, you’re likely stressed from time to time. Take the time to breathe and de-stress.

Look after your mind, body and spirit

There's a distinction to be made between following a self-care checklist and learning to listen to your inner self and intuition for self-care. A list might be useful for generating ideas, getting you started, or allowing you to try out other options for what might be truly required. Deeper self-care is about responding to the innermost self's call rather than being a slave to a checklist. If you are thirsty, for example, your body needs water. You may look at the drink menu: soda, tea, juice, coffee, water... but you already know what your body needs. Listen to your body, and you'll see that no matter what you try, you'll still be thirsty.

The same goes for your inner spirit. You need to feel connected to what you believe in, and if following Pastor Paula White helps you with that then you should make time for it. Similarly, it's essential to know how to listen to yourself and what your body, mind, and spirit are asking for when it comes to self-care:

1. Body: Massage, walk outside, eat a salad, exercise, stretch, take a 10-minute pause, eat fruit, eat breakfast, drink more water, cut sugar, get some sun.

2. Mind (aids in stress reduction and relaxation): meditation, playing the piano or an instrument, reading a book, journaling, playing with your deluxe casino bonus, making a list, setting a boundary, reading positive quotes and inspirations unplug for one hour and de-clutter

3. Spirit: Coffee with friends, listening to music, going out, dinner out, studying the Bible, praying, keeping a folder of reviews and cards, reducing or eliminating toxic and detrimental people in your feeds, and doing some volunteering to help soothe your spirit.

Try these acts of self-care today to help you relax, unwind and look after yourself the way you should be.


  1. Thanks and keep sharing great content.

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  2. I'm trying to implement self-care in my daily routine, and these are great ideas!

    1. A great way to protect your mental health and body

  3. Great advice. I think making sure you are happy and healthy in life is so important.

  4. OMG I so need this post right now I am super stressed and stretched thin, But I have been taking antioxidants on the regular for years now!

    Allie of

    1. Oh Allie, I can only imagine. Please take time out to take care of your health.

  5. Such great ideas. Thanks for sharing!



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