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Viktor and Rolf bridal collection fall/winter 2022

Viktor and Rolf's bridal collection is changing the bridal look from the traditional wedding gowns.

The Mariage collection by Viktor&Rolf for Fall/Winter 2022 is an invitation to a series of dramatically sculpted ball gowns, vibrant micro dresses, crystal-embellished veils, and precisely fitted masterpieces that weave in Viktor&Rolf's own vision to bridalwear. To reinvent bridal dresses as timeless statement pieces, the selected selection is laced with fluorescent patterns produced by nature, buried with subtle elements from the 1960s and 1970s.

Viktor&Rolf Mariage is the creative expression of Viktor&Rolf's bridalwear, according to the three brand pillars of Unexpected Elegance, Conceptual Glamour, and Provocative Couture. Each garment in the collection has its own distinct personality.



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