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This is why you get so tired after working out

When you exercise so hard and for so long that recovery does not take place after typical rest times, you are overtraining. It's a challenge that both competitive and recreational athletes occasionally encounter, but it can also impact the average person.

A balance between excessive exertion and rest is necessary for dedicated athletes to perform at their peak. They must therefore put up a lot of energy on some days, followed by sufficient but not excessive rest days, or at the very least, time spent exercising at a lower intensity.

Why am I so tired after working out?
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Although overtraining is frequently characterized by exhaustion, other symptoms include injuries, aches and pains, worry, irritability, and restless sleep. Additionally, excessive exercise might reduce sexual desire.

You should consider other potential causes of your post-exercise exhaustion, such as anxiety, depression, an improper diet, or insufficient sleep since many health conditions can result in these concerns. Certain heart and blood pressure medications, such as beta-blockers, might also make you feel sluggish and less energised.

Take a break. Examine whether spreading out your regular activity days would improve your condition. If not, schedule a visit with your physician.

Your doctor may advise blood tests to check for other frequent causes of exhaustion, such as anaemia, an underactive thyroid, liver or renal illness, or an electrolyte imbalance in the blood.

The need to physically exert yourself is necessary to achieve a greater level of fitness. However, excessive exercise weakens you, takes up a lot of energy, and damages your muscles. You can only grow stronger during times of rest and recovery. For resistance training, it's generally preferable to keep muscle rest durations between sets of hard aerobic exercise to every other day or no more than three days in a row.



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