Saturday, July 16, 2022

Use your strength to live a happier, more optimistic life.

Leverage your strength for a more positive life

Strengths are innate capacities for particular thoughts, emotions, and actions. Everyone possesses these capacities to vary degrees. Your unique pattern of strengths contributes to your uniqueness.

When you play to your strengths, you are likely to feel more energized and perform better than when you attempt to employ a less natural ability. A person attempting to persuade a local school board to ban the sale of soft drinks, for instance, might have the courage to speak up forcefully and clearly at a general meeting (despite the almost-universal fear of public speaking). Another person with great team-building skills would feel uncomfortable speaking out in a meeting, but could successfully generate consensus among parents, dietitians, and others to evaluate the issue and reach a conclusion.

Utilizing your strengths will help you achieve several objectives. Putting your abilities to use, particularly when the task at hand is linked with your values, can make you feel more competent and connected.



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