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5 breathtaking stays with private pools

Monday, July 18, 2022

private pools

The best way to unwind on a vacation is to reserve a room with a private pool. From in-suite swimming pools to romantic, panoramic plunge pools just outside your window, we've discovered the top villas, hotels, and cottages with enchanting private pools around the globe.

The plunge pool at Hunter’s Country House, South Africa

The "Deluxe" suite at Hunter's Country House in the Western Cape of South Africa will welcome you into a world you might never want to leave, and the private pool won't help. Grand four-poster beds can be found in the property's thatched-roof cottages, which also feature charming family rooms with a patch of the blue pool surrounded by lounge chairs and pinstriped wicker furniture. There is also the Deluxe Suite, which is as alluring and opulent and features a blue plunge pool. After a day of leisurely swimming and sunbathing, go to the lantern-lit garden for a special evening with your loved one. Additionally, trust the staff when it comes to drinking suggestions; they'll find you something unique or create a combination just for you.

Cliffside infinity pool at Cap Rocat, Spain

Cap Rocat, a historic military fortress turned luxury hotel on the island of Mallorca, is its own golden, grandiose citadel. In cave suites carved into the seaside cliffside, private infinity pools extend above the waters below. It is deliciously discreet and thoughtfully designed, and a stay here will make you feel close to Mallorcan nature, with a plethora of world-class amenities and cliffside and poolside dining options. 

Templation Hotel, Cambodia

Set within palm-fringed grounds just outside of Siem Reap (the northwestern Cambodian city famed as the gateway to the legendary Angkor Wat temples), Templation Hotel is an oasis of tranquilly and privacy. The hotel's villas all feature private swimming pools and gardens and are intended to complement their natural surroundings, with exteriors of the finest dark wood and cool, grey stone. After a day of riding about historic Siem Reap, or simply to cool off in the lovely tropical climate, choose a dip here. In the hotel's world-class spa, end the day with the popular and unique spicy body wrap treatment.

MUSE Saint Tropez, France

Saint Tropez is known for its regular celebrity visitors, yacht-filled marinas, and rows of opulent boutiques. The MUSE hotel subtly displays the splendour of the Côte d'Azur. It's a lovely location for a vacation to refocus and rest while enjoying your own private pool, perched in the hills above Saint Tropez (only a short drive from the town). You'll be welcomed by an eggshell-coloured boudoir that leads onto a garden with your pool if you choose the "Elegance Suite" or the larger "Luxury" room. Before enjoying a poolside breakfast while sitting on the custom garden furniture, roll out of bed and into the water.

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Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort, Greece

5 breathtaking stays with private pools

The Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort, which clings to Mykonos' breathtaking coast, offers visitors unobstructed views of the Aegean. The hotel is built in the traditional Cyclades island architecture with cube-shaped structures, cerulean blue accents, and whitewashed walls, but it raises the bar on luxury with its private poolside rooms. The "Grand" and "Deluxe" suites, which are these oasis-like spaces, have private infinity pools. Head outside to the terrace that has been scorched by the sun, have a quick swim, or just sit there and contemplate the cliffs and sea that surround Ayios Yiannis beach. After swimming, enjoy a lunch of delicious seafood beside the hotel's private pool or work out there.


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