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Sunday, May 29, 2022

How much exercise is required to avoid heart disease in your 70s?

How much physical activity is required to avoid cardiac problems in your 70s?

Any amount of exercise is preferable to none. According to an observational study from Italy published online on Feb. 14, 2022, in the journal Heart, at least 20 minutes of daily physical activity may be the sweet spot for avoiding cardiovascular problems in your 70s. The study included nearly 2,800 people aged 65 and up who were followed for over 20 years. People who engaged in 20 to 40 minutes of moderate-intensity activity (such as brisk walking) or vigorous-intensity activity (such as gardening, working out in a gym, biking, dancing, or swimming) per day had fewer heart attacks and cardiovascular problems, as well as a lower risk of premature death when compared to people who were not physically active. In men, at least 20 minutes of daily exercise was associated with a 52% lower risk of cardiovascular problems when compared to non-exercisers. The greatest advantages were observed in men aged 70 to 75. Because the study was observational, it cannot conclusively demonstrate that exercise prevents heart disease. Many studies, however, have shown that moderate- to vigorous-intensity exercise protects your heart and brain, helps prevent diabetes, cancer, and other chronic diseases, and lowers your risk of death.

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