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New numbers about statin drug intolerance

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It is estimated that half of all persons who attempt to decrease their cholesterol with a statin prescription eventually discontinue the treatment due to real or perceived adverse effects (muscle aches being the top complaint). However, do not abandon the treatment prematurely if you feel you cannot tolerate it, as the true prevalence of statin intolerance is far less than 50%, according to a study published online on Feb. 16, 2022, in the European Heart Journal. The researchers pooled the results of 176 trials involving over 4.1 million statin users worldwide (followed for 12 to 19 months). The overall frequency of real statin intolerance was between 6% and 10%. Being Black, Asian, female, or older raised one's likelihood of being statin-intolerant; having diabetes, liver or kidney disease, or an underactive thyroid; taking specific heart drugs, or drinking alcohol enhanced one's likelihood of being statin intolerant. The study's authors recommend that if you believe you are suffering statin side effects, you work with your doctor to ease symptoms before discontinuing the medication. If your symptoms are truly caused by your statin, changing the kind of dose of your statin may resolve them. Exercise or supplementation with coenzyme Q10 may also be beneficial. Don't give up statins too soon: they've saved many lives.

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