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This Summer Style-Up Your Lifestyle

This Summer Style-Up Your Lifestyle

When we think of summer we imagine beaches, cool fruity drinks, flowy dresses, and blooming flowers. The summer style has the liberty of being more creative and colourful than other seasons. This is why you should upgrade your wardrobe and lifestyle with a few newer but timeless summer styles. Unlike trends, the styles mentioned here don’t come and go and can be sustained for a long time. So, wave your coats and jackets goodbye and try summer lifestyle styles such as floral prints, braided hairstyles, and supple makeup.

White Clothes

White is the color of summer. Being a light color keeps you cool. Fashion-wise it can be styled to fit a minimalistic statement or a bold one based on the clothes that you choose. The classic tone in its simplicity creates the most elegant looks. The summer season of turmoil is complimented well by the peaceful white color.

It can be worn for formal and casual events. White monochromatic outfits are a very timeless look that can be worn during the season. The key to wearing a monochromatic outfit that doesn't look too bland is to mix and match the textures of the outfit.

A white airy summer dress can fit almost all occasions and should be a must-have in your closet. Linen and cotton white outfits can be chosen during the day for comfort.

Loose And Comfortable Garments 

The hot weather of summer calls for dresses, skirts, rompers, tops, and shorts that are loose and free-flowing instead of tight clothes that feel uncomfortable. Lighter fabrics that float in the wind are exactly the vibe of summer clothing. Cotton, silk, lace, crochet, or chiffon are the perfect light materials for loose clothing.

Airy silhouettes allow the body to breathe while also being fun to style. You can wear bright colors, loose sleeves, or printed apparels that are loose and flowing to add an extra oomph to everyday summer style.

Glass Skin And Natural Makeup

Summer is not the ideal time for bold eyeliners and heavily pigmented lips since these can melt in the summer heat and make you look worse than ever. Instead neutral colors and tinted moisturizers which make you look more lively are the way to go. 

Skincare plays a very important part in summer. The supple and glowy glass skin is what you should aim for. With this style, the skin looks hydrated and glowy. A good moisturizer is essential for getting glass skin. Because we are talking about the importance of applying sunscreen daily also has to be emphasized.

Sustainable Clothing

Everyone already knows that sustainable dresses are the best option for summer. However, did you know that because they are made of natural fabrics they are also breathable? That makes them the ideal clothing item for Summers

Sustainable clothing was created to minimize the environmental footprint of the fashion industry. Their other benefits include providing support for fair labor practices, higher quality products, and a reduction in the amounts of waste and carbon emissions.

Other than a gratifying experience you also get better lasting eco-friendly products that are also stylish. With the growth of the slow fashion movement designer sustainable clothing can be found very easily and without much effort.


There are so many varieties of prints from vertical stripes to tie-dye to plaid that you can never get bored with the print style. The versatility that print offers along with its eye-catching designs makes it the perfect partner and summer. They also make for effortless styling because prints are so eye-catching.

A colorful splash shirt or a vividly patterned dress can take your summer style meter way up without even doing much. Just slip into a tropical style top or Kurti and plain bottoms to look and feel cool. Since the prints are so eye-catching themselves, the need for accessories is also minimized. This is good because accessories can get annoying in the summer heat.

Sunglasses And Hats

Hats and sunglasses are summer's best friend. Not only can they make a stylish statement but they also protect you from the sun's harsh rays which is essential during season. For sunglasses, it is better to opt for something classic like aviators which look good on everyone while also being timeless. 

Hats come in many different styles. To find out which hat suits you the best shop around a little. The wide brim straw fedora, rancher-style hats, and beach hats offer the best sun protection which is also something you should take into consideration while shopping for hats.


The gloom of summer's cruel days can be combated by the mood-lifting floral prints in your wardrobe. Floral print also brings us closer to nature. The creativity, colors, and gentleness of floral prints are unmatched. Whether you wear tops, shirts, dresses, or even shoes with floral print, this simple element will surely grab your attention towards you. 

The floral print comes in a lot of different forms such as Persian, retro, botanical, Chinoiserie, and engineered prints among others. The major thing to keep in mind while choosing floral apparel is that it should make you feel joyful along with brightening your spirits. The various ways in which you can use floral prints in your outfits during summer are - Using floral blouses with solid sarees, head-to-toe floral, oversized floral jackets with contrasting floral print bottoms, and accessories such as floral brooches, headwear, etc.


In summer, you should wear hairstyles that make you feel light and relaxed. Braids can do exactly this. There are so many different kinds of braids like a french braid, double braid, and fishtail braids that you would not get bored from the monotony of your hair. Braids also look very elegant and feminine and can help in managing long hair in the hot months.


Here, we have presented to you the different styles that you can adopt to make your lifestyle more summer-friendly. These tips will make you look fresh and help in combating the harsh heat of the sun. During the summer season, your style can flourish since it is not hidden under heavy layers. So make sure to take up a few of these style tips and put your best foot forward. 

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