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Maintaining Intimacy While Raising Kids- 5 Tricks That Work

Maintaining Intimacy While Raising Kids- 5 Tricks That Work

Having kids can affect your relationship intimacy due to evident reasons. Romance takes a backseat when childcare becomes a priority. Sleepless nights and fatigue hardly leave the energy to keep your bedroom life on track. The woes continue as your kids grow older because the workload increases and tantrums stress you out. Even the most romantic couples tend to drift apart after stepping into the parental role. But a little work on regaining and maintaining intimacy can make you a stronger pair and better parents. Here are some surefire tricks to keep the spark alive while raising kids.

Get a babysitter

The journey back to reclaiming physical intimacy should start early. The sooner you get a babysitter, the better things will be. Hire a dependable professional to look after the little one so that you can spend time together without stress. You may ask your parents or a friend to supervise the babysitter and plan a date night once a month. Do not skimp on the expense because it is worth getting your life as a couple on track.

Create a nursery habit 

As a new parent, you will probably feel apprehensive about leaving your baby in the nursery alone. But creating a habit early saves your intimacy in the long run. You cannot imagine enjoying yourself in bed with a baby sleeping with you. Moreover, you will regret giving up your privacy as the child grows older. Invest in a safe space for the kid, and you will not have to worry about leaving them alone.

Be playful

Rekindling the spark is as much about personal effort as managing your kids. The last thing you should do is lose the playful spark in the bedroom after embracing parenthood. Be crazy and experimental to keep the thrill going. You can buy a real whizzinator XXX to bring new excitement to your relationships. Shed your inhibitions, and be your old self when alone in the bedroom. Let parenting wait until the morning!

Lock the door

When you are in the bedroom, ensure it is your private space as a couple, not parents. The last thing you want is to let your kids witness your passion. Be sure to lock the room after getting the kids to bed. It may take some effort to convince yourself about shutting your children out. But you must nurture your relationship as partners, and the best way to do it is by giving each other a fair share of time and intimacy.

Plan early bedtime for kids

Sleep is precious for parents, and you may even sacrifice your love life to get enough of it. But it is easy to balance both by planning early bedtime for your family. Putting the children to sleep early means you have enough time to spice things up in bed and get good sleep after a hot session. Creating a routine takes some effort, but it sets you up for enough intimacy and rest.

Parents need not compromise with relationship spark. You can play both roles well, provided you create a balance between romance and responsibility. Follow these easy tips to keep the fire burning! 

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