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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

You Can Ignore These Dental Myths

Everyone is familiar with the fundamentals of oral hygiene, such as frequent brushing, flossing, and dental examinations. However, you may have heard other oral health myths that sound familiar but are not true.

Learn about some prevalent beliefs regarding dental health.

Baby Teeth Do Not Require Repair.

Although baby teeth are transitory, their health is still crucial. Primary teeth aid in eating and speaking. In addition, they maintain the correct spacing in a child's mouth and guide the emergence of permanent teeth. As with adults, healthy teeth and a healthy smile have a significant impact on a child's confidence and sense of self-worth.

Cavities are caused only by sugar.

Too much sugar can cause cavities, but it's not the only thing that can lead to tooth disease. In truth, the majority of cavities are caused by the acid produced by the bacteria in your mouth. Therefore, cavities are the outcome of improper dental hygiene and the presence of acid-producing bacteria in the mouth. This bacteria can be caused by sugar, along with bread, fruits, and vegetables.

All cavities are visible and obvious.

This is not always the case. Small cavities may go unnoticed, despite the fact that some cavities, particularly those that are serious, do cause pain. Typically, cavities that are only beginning to develop do not cause pain. Even the smallest cavities can be found and fixed before they get worse through regular dental checkups.

Tooth extraction is preferable to a painful root canal.

The ideal reason for having a root canal is to save your natural teeth, as it relieves pain rather than creates it. As you age, wouldn't you like to retain as many of your natural teeth as possible? With false teeth or dentures, it may be necessary to avoid certain meals. With natural teeth, you can enjoy a diverse diet without the discomfort of dentures.

Oral hygiene is crucial, but not everything you may have heard over the years is necessarily accurate. If uncertain, consult a trusted dental care centre.

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