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How do you handle a partner who is always hiding his/her phone?

Let's have a little chat. I believe that transparency is needed in every relationship
What does transparency mean in a person?
If “Someone is Transparent” it means that person cannot or does not hide or conceal anything. A person who is “Transparent” has no secrets and tells no lies.

One of the significant issues that relationships face is transparency and it is always a phone factor. Most people in relationships hide their phones from their partners but open their bodies freely instead. 

My Question:
How do you handle a partner that is very secretive with his/her phone? No matter the heat and fighting that partner never lets out the phone. They keep saying believe me and trust me. They protect their phone like their life depends on it. 
A picture message came into my partner's phone from this particular number with a lady's face and a male name. They communicate regularly. He hid his phone, as usual, left to view the message. I always ask but get defensive answers. What's going on pls?

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  1. When she asks if I’ve seen her phone, I tell her “Sorry, I can’t help.”

    1. At the first place you are not allowed to touch her phone and you knw it. It depend on what you discussed when you get married. No touching of each other stuff. Still what kind of relationship would be.

  2. This sounds very suspicious!

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  3. You show them the door ! In the future try to make better decisions on who you date .

  4. Ask yourself are they hiding it or are you prying?

    are they keeping secrets are are you crossing boundaries?

  5. I kicked him out finally because it made me an insecure, fearful stressed out person. If there is no trust, there is no future

  6. My guess is you think you partner has something to hide?

    It will look like that on the surface, but think of this way, do you want your partner to be on the phone when you are around because I would not. I want the attention on me. Not on the phone.

    And secondly, do they look like they are doing it whenever you come into the room?

    Just ask them why they are doing that?

    Why is it bothering you ? Do you have trust issues? You need to question yourself why you find it a problem?

    Maybe you need reassurance that everything is ok.

    Talk to them, nicely :)


  7. By being very suspicious and keeping my eyes open. By not trusting that person. There's a reason he or she is hiding their phone and it's probably not a good one.

  8. Dump them,trust me it's not worth your time

  9. You tell them outright that hiding their phone is very suspicious. How would they feel if you were always hiding your phone and going private whenever you were on the phone?

  10. Without more details to your question.

    My thoughts are that do they have something they do not feel like sharing or more like hiding from you. Because of the type of work I do, I personally have a password and keep my phone private, however have offered my partner the knowledge to ask. From us coming together, my offer to her was that while I like to keep my work private, It is not to keep it from her. If she asks to see my phone and history, I would welcome the sharing without regrets and ask the same of her.

  11. That's an interesting question.

    By asking how do you handle a partner…???

    Just on that part,I would handle it respectfully..

    In that I mean, a person's phone is really not a phone. It's a personal computer. That has lots of apps..,and a phone app is just that. This is a personal private thing, just like a diary if you will.

    I would never want to see into that of my spouse Who she talks to is her business.

  12. They are hiding something

  13. Personally I'd grab the phone and throw it in the river if I truly loved that person lol but if u know deep down whats up then don't stick around to be made a fool ur so much better then that and if someone can't be transparent w out throwing a fit then they obiously have issues that unless their willing to really talk about leaves the answer to how the relationship most likely will end up .My husband acts this way when he plays games online and I see his phone magically come alive w notifications throughout the night…its ridiculous as I really am to the point I don't care anymore or I would throw his phone in the river .

  14. Why are you after his phone. If you dont trust him then you shouldn't be there

  15. I don't. I have never and would never stay in a relationship where the other person practiced sneakiness and manipulation. This is a serious red flag.

  16. You must ask your partner why and then you tell them to be more transparent in the relationship, if a argument start, the it's obvious they don't want to be transparent, then it's time for you to pack your things and leave, because then it becomes a trust issue, and that ain't happening


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