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How to motivate employees if there is no opportunity to raise their wages?

Highly Effective Ways to Motivate Employees.

Employee motivation is key to an organization's success. It's the level of commitment, drive, and energy that a company's workers bring to the role everyday. Without it, companies experience reduced productivity, lower levels of output and it's likely that the company will fall short of reaching important goals too. 


1. Recognition/Attention.
When your employees accomplish something they have achieved something. Your recognition is an appreciation for that achievement. Most managers don't give enough recognition. Recognitions stimulates work interest and employee loyalty. 

2. Applause.
This is a form of recognition but a very specific form. Physically applaud your employees by giving them a round of applause for specific achievements. Where? When? The answer is wherever and whenever. At meetings or company-sponsored social gatherings, a luncheon, or in the office. At the end of a shift, before a shift, and whenever possible in the middle of a shift.
Using plaques or trophies is another effective way of applauding your people. Although "wooden applause" is often successfully used in the form of Employee of the Month plaques, more creative ideas are sorely underutilized. Take the time to be creative, matching special accomplishments with unique awards.

How to motivate your employees

3. One-on-One Coaching.
Coaching is employee development. Your only cost is time. Time means you care. Remember your employees don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. Whenever you recognize and encourage people in "public," it acts as a natural stimulant for others who are close enough to see or hear what's taking place.

4. Training.
Training can help employees understand how their work fits into their company's structure, mission, goals, and achievements. As a result, employees can become more motivated and excited about their work as they understand how what they do matters to the success of the organization.

5. Career Path.
Your employees need to know what is potentially ahead for them, what opportunities there are for growth. This issue is a sometimes forgotten ingredient as to the importance it plays in the overall motivation of people. Set career paths within your organization. If you do this you are sending a very positive message to everyone that there are indeed further career opportunities within your organization.

6. Job Titles.
When you talk about job titles you are tapping the self-esteem of people. How someone feels about the way they are perceived in the workforce is a critical component to overall attitude and morale. Picture a social gathering that includes some of your staff. The subject of work inevitably comes up. Will your people be proud, or embarrassed, to share their title and workplace? The importance of feeling proud of who you are and what you do is monumental. Be creative as you think of possibilities for titles. Have your staff come up with ideas giving them input into the titles. The bottom line, you are dealing with pride...and pride enhances a positive attitude...and a positive attitude is a foundation for continuing success.

7. Good Work Environment.
A recent industry study shows just how inaccurate your results can be. Employers were asked to rank what they thought motivated their people and then employees were asked to rank what really did motivate them. Employers felt "working conditions" was a nine (or next to last) in terms of importance. What did the employees say? Number two! Working conditions are very important to the way employees feel about where they work.

8. Leadership Roles.
Give your people leadership roles to reward their performance and also to help you identify future promotable people. Most people are stimulated by leadership roles even in spot appearances. For example, when visitors come to your workplace use this opportunity to allow an employee to take the role of visitors guide. A great place to hand out leadership roles is to allow your people to lead brief meetings. Utilize your employees' strengths and skills by setting up "tune-up" training sessions and let one of your employees lead the training. The best time to do this is when new people start.

9. Time Off.
Implement contests that earn time off. People will compete for 15 minutes or 1/2 hour off just as hard as they will for a cash award. Put goals in place (padded of course) and when these goals are reached by individuals, teams, or the entire staff, reward them with time off. Allow early dismissals, late arrivals, and extended lunch periods or additional breaks.

10. Theme Contests.
Overall the most successful contests seem to be those affiliated with different themes. Holidays, anniversaries, sports, and culture are examples of ideas to base contests on. Sports, without a doubt, provide the largest opportunity for a wide variety of contests.

5 Sales Contest Ideas To Motivate Your Employee Team

a. Salesperson Of The Month
This one is a classic and is often run as one. The winner is generally the sales rep with the most revenue in sales. But just because this contest carries the classic title doesn’t mean the item being measured has to be classic as well.

b. Winner’s Choice
A winner’s choice is where the winner gets to decide what the prize will be for either themselves or the next month’s winner, with obvious monetary limits or choices set by management beforehand.

c. Sales Bingo
Bingo is always a good time. Turn it into a sales contest by making the squares represent different sales goals. What makes this sales game fun is that it requires skill and luck. The skill to make the goal on each square and the luck to get them in the correct sequence.

d. Retention-Based Sales Contest
In most industries, the companies that are the most profitable aren’t usually making one-time sales but are instead focused on creating repeat sales with the same clients. Sales reps will often get focused on landing new clients instead of catering to the known clients that have already given them their business.  Traveling Trophy (Floating Prize)

Each sales period the sales rep with the highest sales gets awarded a trophy to display on their desk. As long as they stay on top of their game, the trophy stays in their hands. When they are knocked off their highest sales pedestal, the winning rep takes the trophy and displays it at their desk.

By Godisable Jacob

Ref: https://spotio.com/blog/sales-contest-ideas/


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