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Citation Movie 2020 Review: Movie of social Violence, and college drama

Citation Movie 2020 on Netflix.

In the movie, a bright student in Nigeria takes on the academic establishment when she reports a popular professor who tried to take advantage of her. This movie is real and brings to light what lecturers in Nigeria and the world as a whole do to students. It is so heartbreaking to watch this story because I witnessed a similar case during my secondary education. We might not all have a platform but yes this movie Citation is deep and bring to light the dirty happenings and politics in the educational sector. 

The actors did so well to put out their emotions in their most real form. The story begins properly when Moremi met a guy during her tennis training. She came in contact with a professor named N'Dyare after a tutorial class who attempted to assault her. The case was in front of the university panel. Her best friend on campus Gloria betrayed her and spoke lies against her.  Watch the movie to know the rest of the story.

Drama, Thriller


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